How to connect with the resources you need to launch your business! (With placement support!)

What you will learn

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of administrative support and high levels of professional service

You’ll get access to training on productivity and project management tools that will support you in your career

You’ll get access to other free group trainings and resources

You’ll get access to live trainings on building your business

You’ll be considered for freelance projects

Why take this course?

This course will provide you with important information and skills as you enter the workforce as an Administrative or Virtual Assistant. If you have not had any VAΒ training or worked as a VA in the past, this will provide you with the fundamental information you need to get connected with resources and start your business.

In addition, I am providing access to my own personal development training group and consulting for how to launch your VA business. As a seasoned veteran of over 20 years, I can teach you the best places to look for clients, how to weed out the clients that aren’t right for you and ultimately do the work you love most!

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When you have completed the full training available through my group course (including all the courses mentioned in the introductory video), you will also be provided with access to a growing and powerful community of business owners!

Additionally, you will have access to live monthly calls, additional free trainings, and have the opportunity to participate in virtual events that will provide you with critical visibility as you launch your business.

These resources mean the difference between struggle and success, and with a little commitment, and a lot of heart, you will reap the benefits of them many times over!