Everyone can be a product manager.

What you will learn

Understand what is a product.

Understand what is a product manager.

Understand different types of product managers.

Understand the outline of a product managers job


My name is Rainnie(Wu, Yu-han), and I am currently a product expert at ByteDance. I have done product design and human-machine interaction in intelligent electric vehicles, intelligent machines, education, concerts, games.

In this introductory course on Product Manager, I will explain some of the past experience in Product Manager

The course content is mainly divided into five parts.

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The first part will explain what a product manager is:

The three types of products are explained through several cases, and examples of these three types are given to facilitate your understanding; at the same time, the latest trends of four Internet products are also shared. The type of product to help you think and position your career direction.

In the second part we discuss what are the elements of “how to judge whether a product is good or bad”.

I suggest that you can evaluate a product from four aspects, namely: business value, User Experience, Technology Implementation and Sustainability. In this chapter, there are corresponding cases to explain these four elements.

When you understand these elements, you can see various products from a more three-dimensional perspective in the future

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In the third part we will explain what a Product Manager is

In this section, I explain the understanding of a personal Product Manager, and abstract the functions and work content of Product Manager into four keywords.

In Part four, we look at how to master these essential skills for getting started with Product Manager.

Working as a Product Manager in different companies will have some different experiences. As far as the classification of Product Manager is concerned, we can classify it according to the work content, service object and industry of the product manager.

Detailed Product Manager classification will basically exist in some large product companies, because in small product companies, there are generally not so many types of Product Manager positions, as long as there is a Product Manager, you can do everything.

So in this chapter, according to my introduction, you can conduct a self-assessment according to your preferences or the company you want to join, and train your skills and plan your experience according to the types of Product Managers.

In the fifth part, the development goals of different Product Managers will be formulated according to everyone’s own situation.

In this section I will introduce several models for getting a Product Manager job. You can think about which path you are currently on based on what I have introduced. According to my suggestions, conduct a self-assessment and revise the current Career Path.




Class Intro
What is a product?
How to review a product?
What is a Product Manager?
Different Types in Product Manager
How to find a Product Manager Job?