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Build Complete Real Estate Management System with Admin Panel in PHP MySQL Bootstrap and PDO

What you will learn

Learn to set up the right environment when getting started with coding

Build a complete authentication system

Learn to do advanced coding with hashing and un-hashing passwords

Create an amazing admin panel

Learn file uploading and how to fully update and delete it

Learn to fix bugs along the way of developing this web app

Build a multi input based search form

Learn to work with Database complicated queries like (Joins and Wild Cards)

Create a category system

Limit the user ability to access sensitive data by protecting it

Warp your head around cool programming concepts like validations

Learn to upload multiple images

Learn web development tips and tricks along the way


Do you want to build something great? Something that’s relevant and creative? Are you a beginner in web development and want to start creating a big and amazing project? If yes, then, this course is definitely for you. In this course, I made sure that you will get the best experience building this project. I put too much effort into building and enhancing it.

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We will start naturally by creating the config file and preparing our folder structure and then building the whole back-end code from start to finish. We are going to also create an authentication system which is a crucial part in building any modern web app nowadays. After this, we are going to dive deeper into the project by building the inside pages. So, we will display the Properties in various forms and ways based on price and type, and so on. And then we will move on to a different part and which is building the details page for every property and this will contain a lot of functionality. On this page, we are going to allow the user to add properties to favorites and send a request to the agent to meet up and talk about the property, these two features especially require great validation that we are going to implement. Something else that we are going to build is an admin panel and in it, we will handle a couple of things like creating admins and processing properties creating them and deleting them and we will show requests for every agent and so on. And that’s not all. There are a lot of details to talk about in this project. So if you like this and if it seems like something you are interested in, go ahead and get the course now.






Installing Xampp
Installing VS Code

Getting Started with the Project

Template for this Project
Creating Config File
Preparing our Folder Structure

Authentication System

Creating Register Page
Logging Users in
Creating Sessions and Validating

Diving into the Project and Creating Main Features

Displaying Properties in Home Page
Creating Search Form
Displaying More Properties in Home Page
Displaying Rent and Sale Properties
Grapping Properties Based on Price
Validating and Enhancing
Showing Categories
Showing Properties for every Category
Creating Property Details Page
Displaying Gallery for every Property
Displaying Related Properties
Adding Properties to Favorites
Deleting from Favorites
Sending Requests to Properties
Checking for Property Requests

Users’ Pages

Showing Favorites Properties for every User
Showing Requests for every User
Finishing User Side and Validating pt.1
Finishing User Side and Validating pt.2

Getting Started with Admin Panel

Design and Code for Admin Panel
Logging Admins in
Starting Sessions
Validating and Finishing Login Page
Creating Admins
Showing Admins

Finishing up Categories

Showing Categories
Creating Categories
Updating Categories
Deleting Categories
Validating and Creating Index Page

Finishing up Properties

Showing Properties
Inserting Properties pt.1
Inserting Properties pt.2
Deleting Properties with Related Images

Finishing up Requests

Showing Requests

Update: Fixing Bugs and Enhancing

Fixing Errors and Enhancing