Microsoft Excel Basics, Hacks, Tips & Shortcuts

What you will learn

Learn Microsoft Excel Basics

Learn Microsoft Excel the fun way, in an engaging way

Learn Microsoft Excel Excel Formulas

Learn Microsoft Excel Shortcuts

Learn Microsoft Excel Hacks to Increase your productivity


This course is a very basic level entry Microsoft Excel Tutorial. If you are intermediate, you might still learn a few shortcuts or productivity tips.

I am going to go through the Microsoft Excel Built-in Template “Welcome to Excel”. That you can open on your computer at the same time as I do it (which I highly recommend that you do in order to solidify the learnings)

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I could summarize this video with the followings : Microsoft Excel basics, charts, formulas, your go to place to learn excel from zero. Mainly beginner and intermediate level.

The Welcome to Excel template go through these subjects :

  • Sums & Fill
    • Show you how to do sum, sumifs, tips with CTRL C CTRL V
    • Show you how to drag formulas and the flash fill funciton
  • Split & Transpose
    • Splitting text and copying values from horizontal to vertical is taught here.
  • Sort & Filter
    • Going through different type of filters that will help you (Filter by Color , Filter top performers, bottom performers)
  • Tables
    • Very introductive level on tables and why you should / should not use it.
  • Drop-Downs
    • Drop downs list to help your data entry faster.
  • Analyze & Charts
    • Quick words on analyze and charts
  • Pivot Tables
    • The most excel useful tool ever invented 🙂


Welcome to Excel

Introduction (Who am I?)
Welcome to Excel
Sums & Fills
Split & Transpose
Sort & Filter
Analyze & Charts
Pivot Tables