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Learn about end to end Trade Lifecycle and processing

What you will learn

Learn about Capital Markets Operations & Investment Banking

Learn about how Trade Life Cycle works in Investment Banking

Learn about Front Office Operations in Investment Banking- How orders are routed & executed in Front Office system

Learn about Middle Office Operations- How trades are validated and confirmed in Middle Office Systems

Learn about Back Office Operations- How Trades’ prematching, trade Settlement & Trade Reconciliation works

Learn about different types of Derivative Instruments

Learn about different types of Corporate Actions and their impact

Learn about SWIFT messages used in Trade Settlement


If you are a job seeker in Investment Banking or want to learn about different functions of Investment Banking, this course is for you.

If you are already working in one of the domains in Investment Banking Operation and want to learn more about end to end Trade Life Cycle or want to learn about other domains of Investment Banking Operations- this course is for you.

– Learn about Secondary Markets and their importance

– Learn about need of Secondary Markets and their benefits

– Learn about end to end life cycle of a trade, how trade is processed and flows through different functions of Investment Bank

– Learn about Front, Middle & Back Office operation how they work and different roles & responsibilities in these functions.

– Learn about Order Routing & Execution in Front Office, Trade Confirmation & Validation in Middle Office, Trade Settlement and Reconciliation in Back Office along with various standard SWIFT messages used in trade Settlement

– Learn about different types of Derivatives, how Derivatives work with examples of Derivatives for better understanding

– Learn about different types of Corporate Actions & their impact on Depository, Cash component & internal systems

On completion of this course you will be well versed to crack interviews in Investment Banking domain.

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Also, this course can help you during your job in the Investment Bank





Introduction to Secondary Markets in Investment Banking

Secondary Markets & Its Functions

Secondary Markets Trading- How it works & why is the need?

Trade Life Cycle in Investement Banking

End to end lifecycle of a Trade

Learn about Front Office, Middle Office & Back Office in detail

Front Office- Order routing and execution on Exhange or OTC

Middle Office explained- Roles & Responsibilities

Back Office- Settlement, SWIFTs & Reconciliation

Derivatives Explained

How Derivatives work like CALL, PUT, CAP, FLOOR, SWAPs etc.

Corporate Actions Explained in detail

How Corporate Actions work and their impact