Learn How to Request Credit for your Business, and How to Discuss It With Banks

What you will learn

Learn How the way Credit Requests are prepared can determine if they get approved by Banks

Understand why Banks need information from borrowers, ask so may questions, and how that influences their approval decision

Learn where do Banks base their credit decision making (credit analysis) and what really matters to get a Loan approved

Learns the basis of Credit Risk; how Banks interprete credit scoring and what affects it

Learn how to prepare for a discussion with a Bank when requesting a business loan

Learn all types of Risks Banks take into account when analysing credit proposals

Know what types of Business Loan requests Banks will likely decline and why


This course explains how Banks look at requests for business loans, and what Business owners or Finance Managers in charge of Financing should know to improve the Chance-to-Yes, meaning, the chance of a loan approval.

Preparing a good financing proposal and being able to discuss it with the Bank is essential to increase the probability of having the loan approved.

During the course you will understand how banks interpret the requests for financing  (do their credit analysis) from their risk point of view, what information they require and why and why TRUST is important. Many times entrepreneurs not only do not know which information to provide to banks, but also do not understand which information is crucial for them to make a decision. This course will explain it all.

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Banks look at all sorts of risks in order to make a credit decision, and in this course  I will go through all of them with you. We will also look at what type of loans requests Banks do not usually support and the reasons for that.

By getting the communication with the Bank right, convincing Banks to grant the business loan becomes far easier.

(The course deals with business loans only, and not personal loans like mortgages, car or other consumer financing)




Why Banks need Loan Applications (in writing)
The ultimate crucial purpose of loan applications for Banks: quantify risk

How to properly structure a Loan Application

A template with the structure of a Financing Request/Loan Application
Identification of the Borrower
Type of Loan Requested and Explanation of Credit Need
Different types of Security and related Considerations
Track Record/Experience/Industry position
Management of the Borrower
Historical Financial Statements
Business Plan/Projections
Industry/Market analysis
Other Risks
SWOT Analysis
Required format and optional documents to attach to the Request for Financing
Credit Ratings and Credit Scoring

Prepare for the Discussion with the Bank(s)

Why preparation is essential
How to confront questions you are NOT prepared to answer

Requesting financing for Startups

Why are Startups more risky for Banks
How to give comfort to Banks in case a startup needs credit

Requests for Financing that likely will not get approved

What NOT to do when asking a Bank for a Loan
Requests for Financing that will likely get declined by Banks

Final Considerations

Final Considerations and Thank You Notes