A Project-Based walk thru on creating and animating a vintage badge, finished with snow and sound effects!

What you will learn

create a badge or logo from a drawing

be able to take Illustrator files and work with them in After Effects

understand organization techniques in Illustrator and After Effects that will give their work scalability

combine different sounds to make their finished project come to life

execute many skills used in professional animation

Why take this course?

Many of the courses and tutorials out there teach you specific effects and techniques, but never put everything into an entire project to show you how they’d actually be used. With this course, I teach concepts you’ll use every day and string them together into a final product, being a vintage badge.

Why Learn After Effects and Illustrator?

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  • They are the industry standard for Post-Production and Vector-Based illustration, respectively.
  • The versatility of the software extends far past logo animation, covering every aspect of multimedia you could think of.


Starting off with a simple drawing that I provide for you, using Adobe Illustrator, we will design this Vintage badge from scratch. From there, we bring it into Adobe After Effects, learning many different techniques ranging from parenting to particles. After that, we finish up by adding Sound Effects in Adobe Premiere.