Learn methods to ensure the accuracy and completeness of data in the data warehouse

What you will learn

Understand the basics of ETL/ELT testing

The importance of Data Quality within the Data Lifecycle

Perform database tests using queries

Perform the data validation

Why take this course?

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) testing is an essential part of data warehousing to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data in the data warehouse. In this course you will learn Source-to-target mapping validation where you can compare the source data after applying the transformation rules with the target data after ETL processing and Data reconciliation to validate the completeness and accuracy of data after ETL processing.

By comparing the source data after applying the transformation rules with the target data, we can ensure that the transformation logic is applied correctly and there are no data loss or data truncation issues.

• In the end of the this section I am glad to inform you that you are aware now about:

•What is ETL

•What is ETL test

•What is ETL test tools

•How to create a test case

•When to test by eyeballing

•When to test by SQL query

•How to test transformation logic

•How to make a formula that can help you test faster

•How to test records counts by SQL query

•How to test null values by SQL query

•How to test duplicate values by SQL query

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•How to test completeness for huge amount of data

Who should follow this course?

Students that want to learn the basics of Source-to-target mapping validation.

Business Analysts and Data Analysts that would like to learn more about Data reconciliation.

Software test Engineers and Managers considering to apply data quality standards within their organization


Basic knowledge of SQL ( This course use DBeaver as s a free and open-source SQL client and database management tool).

Database setup (PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server etc.) is recommended.

The course consists of the following modules:


What is ETL/ELT Testing and Data Quality Management?

Understand the Mapping document

frame the source and target queries

Perform the data validation.