Coaching & Mentoring Foundations
Details about coaching & mentoring

What you will learn

Gain or improve the coaching skills

Encourage colleagues to deliver results

Motivate teams

Foster mentoring relationships


Organizations are struggling to find and keep good people. Workers are exercising their options to pursue new career opportunities, switch jobs, start their own businesses, and retire altogether from working. The rules have changed in which employers compete for talent and employees hold more of the power. With the increasing labor shortage, no organization can afford to lose people, especially good people.

Not long ago, coaching meant training athletes, performers, and students. Recently, the use of the term has been extended into the worlds of management, leadership, entrepreneurship, and performance in other domains of life.

The discipline of coaching puts the center of its attention on the question of how a person can help other people develop new capabilities, new horizons, and new worlds of opportunity for themselves and those around them.

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Coaching and mentoring employees to support them in work and life balance, fitting in with the culture, and doing their best work has never been more important than it is today.

The fundamentals of coaching and mentoring, from the past until now, haven’t changed. Respect people, take the time to get to know them, ask questions rather than tell, be clear, and take a genuine interest in their growth and success.

This course can help you grow from a doer manager to a coach and mentor who motivates employees to find purpose in their work and grow as independent problem solvers β€” without micromanaging them.



Coaching & Mentoring Introduction

Diffentiating between Coaching and Mentoring

A Coach versus a Doer

Managing as a Coach versus as a Doer

Mentoring for Life

Tools of Mentoring #1: Sharing
Tools of Mentoring #2: Challenging

Final Tips

Time & Effort
Misconceptions about Coaching