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What you will learn

How to login to Windows

How to open File Explorer

How to use the logout and power options on the Start Menu

How to create shortcuts

How to use the CTRL+ALT+DEL options and Task Manager


This course covers Windows 10 Administration as well as some basic computer skills surrounding the Windows 10 operating system, as follows:


* Logging into your machine, switching users, and signing out

* Finding your way around File Explorer and pinning commonly used items to the Start Menu and Taskbar

* Setting a default printer, screen size and screen resolution

* Overview of Accessibility Options available within Windows 10

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* CTRL+ALT+DEL menu options, including Task Manager and locking your machine


The course is intended as a basic overview for anyone using Windows 10 for the first time, for example if your company has recently upgraded to Windows 10 from a previous operating system, such as Windows 7.



Introduction and Logging in to Windows

Logging into Windows

Start Menu, File Explorer and Shortcuts

Start Menu, Login & Power Options
File Explorer Overview

Network Drives and Printing

Network Drives
Printing: Setting Defaults
Printing: Changing Options

Taskbar and Internet Explorer

Taskbar Settings
Internet Explorer Overview
Compatibility View & Internet Options

Microsoft Edge and Accessibility Options

Microsoft Edge Overview
Accessibility Options

Monitor settings and CTRL+ALT+DEL Options

Monitors and Screen Resolution
Bonus Lecture