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Learn the basic of how to creat your first online class quickly (explained stepby step)

What you will learn

After this class you will be able to create a course by yourself to teach people thing that you are good at


Let’s start with the basics, right now you are a person that surely has something to offer, a certain knowledge that you have and that you think you will be able to teach. By creating this course my main objective was to help you by giving you all the tips thats I used to create online content on different plateforms. So if you are someone that is ready to start with udemy and creat your own content this course is for you ! Everything is clear and straight to the point. Plus I can guarantee you that by the end of this class you will be amazed how it really is to creat online content on Udemy or any other plateform !



Introduction and course overview
Why should you start on Udemy
Step one: before starting the creation
Finding something you are good at
How to choose the perfect course topic
Step two: Starting to look for information
How to make a good course plan
Looking for information on your topic
Preparing the recording part
Choosing your type of presentation and how to make a good one
How to install the perfect free screenrecorder
How to configure yor screenrecorder and how does it work
Making a great presentation with powerpoint
What is powerpoint and it works (Fast power pointcourse)
Making a basic presentation with some efects on powerpoint
Making a good oral presentation of your topic ( with or without a powerpoint)
Putting everithing toghether
Course summary

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