Step-by-step instructions for the beginning trumpet player.

What you will learn

The student will be able to perform the basic 7 major scales on their trumpet.

The student will be able to read basic treble clef trumpet music.

The student will be able to demonstrate good buzzing technique and proper posture.

The student will be able to develop their understanding of music theory and musicianship, via the trumpet.


In this course, students will be instructed in the foundational elements of playing the trumpet. Foundational elements include instrument care and repair; technique of buzzing; brief overview of the origin of the trumpet; and choosing the right accessories. This foundational content will aid in helping the student appreciate their anticipated engagement in becoming a skilled musician of the trumpet. In addition, the student will engage in basic music theory to help strengthen their skills as musicians. Music theory topics include: understanding the mechanics of the music staff; the treble clef; line and space notes; note durations, and measures. By the end of this course, the student will be able to play the seven basic scales and entry level trumpet music. Resources in this course include visuals, videos, presentations, and printable documents for extended learning. While this course is for beginners, it also can cater to current musicians who are looking to broaden their experiences by adding trumpet playing to their resume. Although no prerequisites are required for this course, it is recommended that the student purchase a trumpet method book. This will provide the student with extra material to help enrich and expand their learning experience, while also giving the student exposure to more opportunities for research.

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Meet the Trumpet

The Origins of the Trumpet
The Mechanics of the Trumpet
How to care for and repair a trumpet

It All Starts With Buzzing and Posture.

Playing Posture & Mechanics/technique of buzzing on the mouthpiece


What is the treble clef?
C Major Scale (concert B-flat Major)
B-flat Major Scale (concert A-flat Major)
D Major Scale (concert C Major )
F Major Scale (concert E-flat Major)
G Major Scale (concert F Major)
A Major Scale (concert G Major)
E-flat Major Scale (concert D-flat Major)

Playing Treble Clef Music

Note Kinds and Durations & Simple Songs for Trumpet: #1
Simple Songs for Trumpet: #2
Simple Songs for Trumpet: #3
Mary Had A Little Lamb (in C Major)