Turing you idea into a unicorn startup and raising investment from VC

What you will learn

Three rules to validate your ideas? -Scalability, Market growth, Investors.

How to improve your idea,get customers, and grow your startup to make profit.

A complete startup guide for absolute beginners

Steps to build MVP (Minimum viable product)

How to Go big and Convert any idea into businss

Different types of startup business model

how to make startup pitch deck for fundraising

understanding vesting and cliff in startup

Learn to build a MVP of a social media app

online entrepreneurship courses

What is entrepreneurship

Raise angle and venture capital for your startup

understanding startup finances

Building strong team in your startup

Understanding social entrepreneurship

How Network effects works in startup

How to build Lean startup business model

Understanding Amazon business model

How startup solve Chicken and egg problem

Types of Startup business model

startup investment

Shopify business model

Amazon business model

Building products for startup

Canva business model

FAANG business model

Startup growth hack

legally start a startup?

How can I become a entrepreneur?

good startup business?

How do I start a startup with no money?

What are the 4 types of entrepreneur?

Robin hood business model


This Course will Revolutionize your ideas into a unicorn startup and helped you in creating a prototype, Business model canvas, building Minimum viable product, Pitch deck, and Fundraising and support your team-building and expansion strategy in a startup.

The course outline is given below:-

Module 1 Startup basics

1. What is a Startup

2. Why our government is promoting the startup?

3.Types of a legal entity like Partnership firm, Sole proprietorship, Limited liability firm (LLP), Private limited company.

4. How startup raises funds from Incubators, Accelerators, Angel Investors, and Venture capitalists.

Module 2 Startup ideas

1. Three rules to validate your ideas? -Scalability, Market growth, Investors.

2. Types of problem-solving ideas that became unicorns? -Payment Infrastructure. -Market place business.

3. How to solve simple routine problems? -Category e-commerce Startups

4. How to think of billion-dollar ideas?

5. Solving Complex problems using core tech? -Traffic Surveillance System -Deep Tech In Healthcare

Module 3 Building a Prototype from Idea

1. What is the prototype and types of the prototype?

2. How to build a prototype of your Social media app?

3. What is the MVP?

4. Transform your prototype in the MVP?

5. We will be building a social media app in Marvel

Module 4 Startup business model

1.  Subscription Business Model

2.  Freemium business model

3. Network effect business model

4. Two-sided business model

5. Three-sided business model

Module 5 Startup Business Growth Metrics

  1. Startup Growth Metrics Intro
  2. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) in Startup
  3. Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) in Startup
  4. Monthly Reoccurring Revenue (MRR) in Startup
  5. Unit Economics in Startup
  6. Contribution Margin in Startup
  7. Retention Rate and Cohorts in Startup
  8. Churn Rate in Startup
  9. Market Size for Startup

Module 6 Startup Pitch deck for fundraising

1. Cover Page/Introduction slide in the pitch deck

2. Problem slide in the pitch deck

3. Solution slide in the pitch deck

4. Product demo slide in the pitch deck

5. Market size slide in the pitch deck

6. Business model slide in the pitch deck

7. Competition slide in the pitch deck

8. Underlying magic slide in the pitch deck

9. Go-to-Market slide in the pitch deck

10. Team slide in the pitch deck

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11. Traction/Milestones slide in the pitch deck

Module 7 Fundraising and startup finance

1. Difference between ownership, voting power, equity

2. Understanding valuation using ARR multiplier

3. Understanding vesting and cliff in a startup

4. Equity dilution on a further round of investment

5. Convertible notes to delay the valuation




Course Overview

The Lean Startup Course Overview

Startup Basics

Startup basics section overview

What is Startup? Why Government supports them.

Small Business Vs Tech Startup

Types of Startup business Model ?

How B2B and B2C is different ?

Masterstroke with Business Model Canvas

Business Model QnA

How to think of Billion dollar Startup ideas

Startup ideas section overview

Billion dollar ideas Overview

How to get startup ideas ?

Delta four framework to validate ideas

How to Solve Million Dollar Problems?

How to Solve million dollar problems part 2

Billion dollar ideas

Build MVP from ideas

Ideas to Product section overview

Idea to MVP Module Overview

Founder market Fit using 3H framework

How to build prototype from an idea

What is MVP?

Building a MVP for social media app

QnA about Product and MVP ?

Business Model for Startup

Business model section overview

Various Types of Startup

What are B2C Startup

What are B2B startup

Types of Startup Business Model

Freemium Business Model

SAAS Business Model

Network effect in platform business

Two sided platform business model

Three sided platform business model

Razor blade business model

Startup Pitch deck

Startup pitchdeck and fundraising Section overview

Pitch-deck intro

Incubators vs Accelerators

Solution Slide in Pitch deck

Product Demo slide

Market Size slide in pitchdeck

Business model Slide in Pitch deck

Competition Slide in pitchdeck

Underlying Magic slide in Pitch deck

Go to Market Slide in Pitch deck

Team Slide in pitchdeck

Traction Milestone Slide in pitch deck

Startup fundraising and finances

Introduction to fundraising

Vesting and cliff

Equity and shareholder in a startup

Convertible notes for valuation

Fundraising and equity dilution

QnA Regarding Fundraising