Self love is the key to building your mindset, self-confidence and self-esteem, to living your life on your terms

What you will learn

Making peace with your flaws


Positive and compassionate self talk

Kindness and gratitude

The importance to folow your dreams



I’m Mira

Welcome from my heart!Wouldn’t it be great if there was a quick and efficient way to find clarity, build your confidence and have the courage to live the life you always wanted?

Things like feeling afraid of people judging you, procrastination and the ugly feeling of unworthiness would be managed.

Thankfully there’s a way to regain control of your mind.

In this course I will share with you some of my best strategies and tools. We will look at how you talk to yourself, how to stop comparing, accepting mistakes, looking at fears as a stepping stone and the practice of daily gratitude. This will allow you to live your life on your terms, to trust your decisions and to feel at peace. I’d love to share it with you in my course.

When you commit fully to the experience and set aside the time, along with your complete focus and attention… you can make years of progress on your destiny path in just 30 DAYS!

If you struggle to “find the time” to make your dreams come true, or feel like you’re behind or off-course, there’s no better way to get back on track than to join me for this immersion experience.

If you’ve been experiencing stuckness, procrastination, self-doubt, or are generally feeling uninspired and unmotivated about your future…
Remember who you were before society told who you should be!

It’s time to become seen and known, so you can step into the greatest expression of who you are.

Okay, so I always say to people, you will never hate yourself more than when you start looking at yourself, especially if you’ve been avoidant of it.
So be gentle with yourself, you can’t go 20 steps into the forest and come back out and in five steps and by that I mean, if you’ve been living 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years a certain way –
Don’t expect yourself to change over night just because you learned one lesson, even though you may be good at it immediately, I always say “you’re going to learn this information, and then you’re going to have times where you fail to implement it and that’s okay, we’re all learning, we’re all getting better in time. And so, number one is, be gentle with yourself. Give yourself some grace, we’re all learning here nobody’s perfect”.

A really common block that I hear is that my family was like that, I was raised in a dysfunctional family that’s who I am.
But we get to break that cycle, we get to decide the line, it stops here, I am going to change that.

We are going to start from the beginning.
So if this seems to you as very basic stuff, don’t worry – we are going to get to the good stuff, but I want to make sure we are on the same page.

You’ll finally get clear about your new direction, reconnected and re-inspired by your vision and be full of passion for life.

I would like to thank you for looking at my course, I will be

sharing my understanding, knowledge and experience with you.

It is almost like writing a letter to my younger self. The advice my mother

never give me.

Remember who you were before society told who you should be!

It’s time to become seen, and known so you can step into the greatest expression of who you are.

You’ll finally get clear about your new direction, reconnected and re-inspired by your vision and be full of passion for life!

If you often feel:

blaming your parents

not feeling worthy

not being able to stand up for myself

being pushed around

constantly comparing to others

always taking care of other people and forget about yourself

If this is you…

…and you don’t want to spend years chasing perfection and not being able to measure up to the standards of society – benefit from my experience and knowledge!

Why this course will push you forward:

  • You will benefit from my experience helping people with my coaching during the last 15 years.
  • You will feel the courage to change
  • We will not only grow during these sessions but also have fun!

I prepared a small gift for you – hand painted printable cards,to make your own affirmations ( affirmations included).

Let others share their experience with my teachings

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Shelley W., New Zealand:

Mira made me feel very relaxed and at ease with her friendly style. She is friendly, professional and knowledgeable at the same time.

I’m feeling more confident now and would recommend MIra to anyone that wants a better self belief and in turn better relationships with themselves and others in their life.

Kate R., New Zealand:

What I liked about learning with Mira: It was fun, we managed to go over many life topics. She helped me to get clarity about challenging situations during, I felt heard, and appreciated, I was pleasantly surprised.




Introduction to the course


Learn how to change the way you talk to yourself

How do you talk when you are the one listening?

Good morning Gorgeous

Loving yourself unconditionally

The little trick with Gold Stars

Now is the time to create your new self image

Letting go of the past – find forgiveness in your heart

Let go of the past

Stop blaming your self for ever and ever

The old story about the student and his master

Why you should accept who you are

Building your sence of worthiness and self esteem

Every 10 seconds

Learn new things

You are unique but you already know that


1000 mg I don’t care pills

You are not your memories


Find your happiness


Live the life you deserve

Thank you for being with me

Thank you, I have a little gift for you

Meditation – I am

Meditation -” I am”