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Ace The Interview Like a Pro

What you will learn

Interviewing Skills to land your next job


Interviews can get the sweat glands hyper-active for any ordinary mortal. After all, the stakes are so high. And stress is normal. Whether we study Chartered Accountancy or MBA, the implied objective is to secure a placement. You tell yourself “It’s been enough of Earning. Now it’s time for some Earning”. But comes in between you and your dream job is the Interview. You have to jostle for creating an impact in the eyes of the interviewer and prove to him/her that you are better than competition J Easier said than done.

I have lost count of the number of interviews I have appeared for – for my Chartered Accountancy articleship, for my first job as a CA Fresher, the ones which I appeared for once I started feeling throttled in my first job and the ones I appeared on campus at IIM Ahmedabad. Incidentally one of the Mock Interviews at IIM became quite viral on YouTube with 1.5 million views as I write this part. This was one of the reasons why I felt motivated to write this book.

Interviews, I reckon, are simply exercises in Sales & Marketing. The underlying product/service here is YOU and YOUR SERVICES. Sell them smartly to these employers.

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Before that review and update your resume and research the role and the company – its web site, social media, annual reports, investor relations concall transcripts

There are certain predictable interview questions that we are common.

Good luck…and good job-hunting!




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