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Everything you need to learn about software testing.

What you will learn

Basic Concepts of Software Testing

Test case & Bug Report Writing

Black-Box Test Techniques

Requirements Review & Test Scenarios Writing using Trello

Implementing the test process on a Test Management Tool (Testlink)

Basics of Agile methodologies & Agile Testing

How to use Application Lifecycle Management Tool (JIRA)

How to become a Freelance Tester

White-Box Test Techniques

Basics of API Testing

API Testing using Postman

Basics of Performance Testing using Jmeter

How to write a professional QA Resume

How to prepare for a QA Interview

Different certificates in Software Testing Field and how to apply on them


Everything you need to learn Software Testing, all combined in one resource.

Course objective is to provide you with all required knowledge that you need in order to land your first software testing job whether it is a full-time or a freelancing job.


Topics Covered in the Course:

Manual Testing Basics [Tools used: Google Sheets-Trello-Testlink]

Agile Testing Basics [Tools used: Jira-Trello]

API & Webservice Testing [Tools used: postman]

Performance Testing [Tools used: JMeter & HP Loadrunner]

Freelance testing websites [Websites explained: utest-testerwork-test.io-bugfinders]

Manual Testing interview questions

Unit Testing [Tools used: JUnit5-Mockito]

Black Box Test Techniques [Techniques covered: Equivalence partitioning-Boundary value analysis-Decision Table Testing-State transition testing]

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White Box Test Techniques [Statement Coverage-Decision Coverage-Condition Coverage-Path Coverage-MCDC-Loop Coverage]

Career Tips [ISTQB Certificates-Writing a professional CV-Software Testing Status in 2021]


These are some of the reviews of the students who used this course to begin their software testing career:

“Great course full of information!! As a beginner in software testing, i got plenty of useful information with a lot of practical knowledge which i can use to start working as a freelance software tester.Very nice teacher who explains everything in the way anyone can understand ! I recommend to take this course!Thank you ,Tarek!”

Katrina Kulakova

“A developer, post-graduate in computer science and engineering who pursues research. I find this course material well organized and useful for learning Software Testing basics and why is it so important as a developer. Proper guidance to those who would like to become a certified tester. Worth the time and money spent.”

Akshaya C

“Thank you, Tarek for this valuable Course, It was so beneficial for me as a new testing learner. It gave me the whole picture of testing, and then went down for every concept, tool, a skill I need to start testing and understand the testing market. It covers all topics in a simple fluent language, easy to understand for non-English Speakers. Tarek responds to each and every question you ask. The Course is Comprehensive, and this is My favorite point, it covers many aspects of testing, how to prepare your CV, and how to start working online in one course, so beginners can land their first job easily.”

Reham Tammam

“Thank God I found this course. Really helps me preparing for my interview. Sample interview taught in this course are really the one they asked in the interview. I love the way he prepared the slides, presentation as well as his teaching. His accent is understandable and the captions really helps. Thank you Tareq.”

Khairul Hilmi Bin Sidek




Introduction & Course Content
About the Instructor

Basic Concepts of Software Testing

Software Development Lifecycles (SDLC)
Software Development Lifecycles Exercise
What is Software Testing ?
What is Software Testing Quiz
Test Process
Test Process Quiz
Test Levels
Test Levels Quiz
Types of Testing
Types of Testing Quiz

Test Case & Bug Report Writing

Test Case Writing
Bug Report & Bug Life Cycle
Bug Reporting Quiz

How to use Testlink

Introduction & Installation Process
Create a Project
Test Plan Document
Builds & Releases
Test Suites
Test Case writing
Export & Import Test Suites & Test Cases to an XML File
Assign Test Cases to a Test Plan
Assign keywords to test cases
Requirements Creation
Platforms & Milestones
Test Case Execution
Testing Metrics & Reports

Freelance Testing websites

How to visit bugfinders website
Bugfinders : Introduction
Bugfinders : Create Account & Add your Devices
Bugfinders : Update Profile & Add your Testing Skills
Bugfinders : My First Testing Project
Bugfinders : My First Testing Project 2 (Projec Access & VPN Setup)
uTest : Create a new Account
uTest : Explore your profile
uTest : uTest Academy
TesterWork : Create Account & Add testing preferences
TesterWork : Payout & Defects examples
test.io: Registration Process
test.io: Quiz & Apply to first project

Real Testing Project: How to write test scenarios from Requirements Document

Walkthourh in the requirements
Creating test scenarios on Trello
Prioritizing Test Scenarios

Black Box Test Techniques

Equivalence Partitioning
Equivalence Partioning Quiz
Boundary-Value Analysis
Boundary-value Analysis Quiz
Decision Table Testing
Decision Table Testing Quiz
State Transition Testing
State Transition Testing Quiz
Use Case Testing
Use Case Testing Quiz

White Box Test Techniques

White Box Test Techniques
Statement Coverage
How to calculate Statement Coverage ?
Decision (Branch) Coverage
How to calculate Decision Coverage ?
Condition Coverage
Path Coverage
MC/DC Coverage
Loop Coverage

Basics of Agile & Agile Testing

Agile 4 Values
Agile 12 Principles
Whole Team Approach
Daily Stand-Up Meeting & The Power of Three
Early & Frequent Feedback
Collaborative User Story Creation
INVEST Technique (How to test a user story)

How to use JIRA

Introduction & Setup
Create a Project
Create Components
Create Epics
Create User Stories & Acceptance Criteria
Planning Poker & Story Points
Sprint & Iteration Management
Burn-Down Chart & Velocity Chart
Bug Reporting & Hardening Iteration In JIRA

SQL For Testers

What is SQL ?
SELECT Command

API Testing

What is an API?
HTTP Basics
XML Basics
JSON Basics

API Testing with Postman

What is Postman
Installation Process
Request Builder
Create & Save Requests
POST Request
Writing Tests
Collection Runner | Running Requests automatically

Performance Testing using JMeter

How to Install JMeter
Thread Group

Performance Testing using HP LoadRunner

Installation Process
Installation Part 2
Vugen (Virtual User Generator)

Your road to Certification | How to be a certified Tester

What are the ISTQB Certificates?
ISTQB Foundation Level Certified Tester
ISTQB Mobile Application Tester Certificate
ISTQB Agile Tester Certificate

Writing a Professional CV

Writing a professional Tester CV
Writing a cover letter