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Create Brand Storytelling Advertising Strategy To Build Emotional Connection With Your Customer

What you will learn


Create brand storytelling to connect brands with the audience , to deliver ideas and thoughts and to influence emotions so it is not forgettable.


Learn from tens of case studies and analyses of successful brand ads that acquired the consumers’ attention .


How to communicate efficiently with customers using the art of storytelling and differentiate a brand from rivals.


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Learn how to create advertising that resonates with people and sticks with them.


Stories can help marketers achieve cut-through in a noisy, distracting marketplace and create advertising that resonates with people and sticks with them.


  • What is business branding storytelling? Why is brand storytelling important for brands? How do brands use storytelling? How do you create brand storytelling? What makes a great brand story? Why is storytelling so powerful? What are the benefits of storytelling? How do you write a brand description? How do you write a good business story? How do brands communicate with their consumers using storytelling techniques? How do you know if you have a compelling story? How can you tell if a story is creative? What is a business brand story? What’s a story branding strategy?  What are the best Storytelling Brands? Why did some brands’ ads fail?
  • This course includes tens of case studies and analyses of successful brand story ads that acquired the consumers’ attention. These case studies and their lessons learned will undoubtedly help marketers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and others to know how to communicate efficiently with their customers using the art of brand storytelling. This course will help advertisers and marketers create ads that resonate with people and stick with them.
  • In today’s marketplace, marketers are facing a big dilemma in delivering brand messages to consumers due to the huge number of ads that are all over the place. The big question that many ask is How to hook a customer and penetrate through the noisy distracted markets? Many people think that branding is just a logo, colors, and a tagline. However, a brand is not just a visual identity or a product or what is written in a mission statement. This course is about brand storytelling that builds an emotional connection with the audience because simply human brains are shaped to respond to stories.
  • A brand story is not about what brands sell but they are stories that clarify what brands do for their customers in solving their problems and provide better-personalized user experiences that make consumers more comfortable and satisfied. Marketers shall utilize the power of business brand storytelling in making the audience and the consumers part of the brand’s story. The earliest humans gathered around the campfire and believed that effective storytelling was the best way to communicate the information that was vital for survival. Humans figured out that connecting with their communities in an emotional manner was a matter of life and death.
  • Brand storytelling is not just entertainment; it is an emotional and identification journey. It gives a sense of purpose, identity, and continuity between the past and the present. It is doing more than just conveying a message; the story is a container for deepest longings, hopes, and fears and forces self-reflection and articulation.


What is Brand storytelling ?
Introduction to brand storytelling
What is brand storytelling ?
Apple’s personalized privacy story
What is Brand Personalization?
Netflix personalized story
Storytelling is an emotional and identification journey
Storytelling Triangular Relationship
Brand Storytelling Purpose
Why do we need brand storytelling ?
Consumers distraction in today’s market environment
How Storytelling can solve brands aim in reaching and Influencing their consumer
The Emotional Advantages
Subaru’s emotional ad
Doves emotional stories
Storytelling is an absolute necessity for branding
The Elements of story
The relatability of the story
The relatability of the story
Story brand purpose and goal
Toms shoes
The conflict in a brand story
The story conflict
Developing the opposite counterparts in business
Adversaries conflicts and struggles
The hero of the brand story
The hero
Steve Jobs journey as a hero
Domino’s Pizza as Hero
The hero’s journey
The story plot
The Plot
Robin Hood and cause marketing plot
Mastercard tried to be Robin hood and failed
Airbnb weaccept Sparked a conversation
Patagonia and the sustainability plot
The Villain of brand story
The Villain of a brand story
Southwest Airlines “Transfarency”
Corporate brand story , Is it a brand message or core story ?
A purpose corporate core message story
Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything
Forever against animal testing join the fight!
Sustainability is now as important as safety to us
Bosch revolves around the “Invented For Life”
Doing it right at first time with constant care
Examples of purpose corporates core brand stories
United airlines breaks the guitar
A case study or a story ?
Difference between case studies and brand stories
Dove Real Beauty Sketches, You’re more beautiful than you think
Brand stories that revolve around self-actualization
Applying storytelling model
Applying the brand storytelling model
Allstate brand storytelling in the sugar bowl 2015
How Ace Hardware applies brand storytelling concepts in their Culture ?
A corporate story and a branding core story
A Corporate core Story Vs. Brand Story
Holistic brand storytelling approach
3M’s 15% culture of innovation and sustainability
The Significant role of CEOs in the brand storytelling
jack welch the CEO icon
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX
Gerald Ratner a CEO who destroyed his own company
Gaps in brands’ storytelling
Gaps in brands’ storytelling
Warby Parker Brand’s Personality
Brand storytelling in advertising
Brand storytelling in advertising
Travelers Real-Life Story ads
Nescafé gold blend love story
Discover your wings – University of Phoenix ad
Brand communication in Storytelling
Brand communication in storytelling
Brand communication routes
Brand influencer cmmunication
The purpose law for communication
Burger King, “whopper free zone”
Dollar Shave club purpose message
Brand Communication in social media
Yoplait, You’ve Got This, Mom On!
Airbnb “Wall and Chain”
Buy My Barina, Barinageddon
A hair-raising message
Häagen-Dazs honeybee passionate story
Brand communication through the psychology of color
Heinz EZ Squirt Green Ketchup
What is a visual story?
What is a visual story?
The Power of Brand Visualization
Social Media role in brand storytelling
Lululemon, the visualization of lifestyle storytelling
Patagonia environment commitment
Visual storytelling instagram stories