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What you will learn

How to motivate themselves

How to motivate others

What are the rewards that work for them

30 simple strategies that increase their motivation


Motivation is one of those psychological concepts that everyone studies, yet most fail to apply. Although in theory things seems straightforward, in practice things get complicated. And not because they are difficult to understand, but because we fail to see the result and be consistent. We tend to look at the people that manage to achieve what they want and attribute their success to external factors such as luck, serendipity, or fate. Yet we know from science that none of these are real or proven. What really happens is that high achievers see certain moments in time and seize them. In other words, they see opportunities and act upon. And in order to see such opportunities, you must be prepared and learn to notice and seize them.

So, motivation and success have nothing to do with luck or chance. Instead, they have everything to do with hard, consistent, and daily work. Therefore, start working today, every day and train your eyes to see opportunities and your mind to grow the courage to seize them. It is essential to start today with your motivation process because, in the words of the great American writer Mark Twain, the secret of getting ahead is getting started. And this is how you will see progress. So, let’s get started!



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Introduction to Motivation


30 Challenges

Challenge no 1
Challenge no 2
Challenge no 3
Challenge no 4
Challenge no 5
Challenge no 6
Challenge no 7
Challenge no 8
Challenge no 9
Challenge no 10
Challenge no 11
Challenge no 12
Challenge no 13
Challenge no 14
Challenge no 15
Challenge no 16
Challenge no 17
Challenge no 18
Challenge no 19
Challenge no 20
Challenge no 21
Challenge no 22
Challenge no 23
Challenge no 24
Challenge no 25
Challenge no 26
Challenge no 27
Challenge no 28
Challenge no 29
Challenge no 30

Bonus Challenges

Bonus Challenges

To conclude

To conclude

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