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Stress Relief Strategies That Work

What you will learn

ā˜‘ How to reduce stress using simple and effective strategies grounded in psychology.

ā˜‘ Psychological techniques for building resilience and coping skills against future stress.

ā˜‘ The physiology and psychology of stress responses.

ā˜‘ The neuroscience behind mindfulness as a stress reduction technique.

  • From stressed and overwhelmed, to reclaiming your time to use in meaningful ways.
  • Reduce your stress immediately, even if you’re short on time, energy, or personal space.
  • In less than 10 minutes a day, develop a time-saving, stress-busting skillset, using tools that work.
  • Restore calm, and create your personalized stress-management plan.
  • Confidently transform your wellbeing, by learning about the science of stress and wellness.
  • Simple and effective techniques grounded in physiology, psychology, and neuroscience (no fluff, and no woo!).




Welcome/Assess Your Stress


Stress Assessment (1.1)

Wellbeing Assessment (1.2) and PDF Assessment (1.3)

Section 1 Quiz

The Science of Stress & Wellness: What You Need to Know

The Physiological Stress Response (2.1)

Stress Health Risks (2.2)

What Is Mindfulness (2.3)

How Mindfulness Changes Stress Process in the Brain (2.4)

Section 2 Quiz

Optimize As You Are: Small Tools for Immediate Stress Relief

Be The BOSS of Your Stress (3.1)

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Quick Mindfulness Reset (3.2)

Section 3 Quiz

Supplement Success: Simple Additions for Lasting Change

Finding Mindfulness in Surprising Places (4.1)

Beginner-Friendly Calming Breath Technique

Beginner-Friendly Meditation (Body Scan)

Beginner-Friendly Meditation (Body Scan) – Meditation Audio

Section 4 Quiz

Reflect & Grow: Moving Forward With Strength

Make Stress Work for You (5.1)

Lasting Resilience (5.2)

Stress Management Plan (5.3)

Section 5 Quiz

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