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Stress Relief Strategies That Work

What you will learn

How to reduce stress using simple and effective strategies grounded in psychology.

Psychological techniques for building resilience and coping skills against future stress.

The physiology and psychology of stress responses.

The neuroscience behind mindfulness as a stress reduction technique.

  • From stressed and overwhelmed, to reclaiming your time to use in meaningful ways.
  • Reduce your stress immediately, even if you’re short on time, energy, or personal space.
  • In less than 10 minutes a day, develop a time-saving, stress-busting skillset, using tools that work.
  • Restore calm, and create your personalized stress-management plan.
  • Confidently transform your wellbeing, by learning about the science of stress and wellness.
  • Simple and effective techniques grounded in physiology, psychology, and neuroscience (no fluff, and no woo!).




Welcome/Assess Your Stress


Stress Assessment (1.1)

Wellbeing Assessment (1.2) and PDF Assessment (1.3)

Section 1 Quiz

The Science of Stress & Wellness: What You Need to Know

The Physiological Stress Response (2.1)

Stress Health Risks (2.2)

What Is Mindfulness (2.3)

How Mindfulness Changes Stress Process in the Brain (2.4)

Section 2 Quiz

Optimize As You Are: Small Tools for Immediate Stress Relief

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Be The BOSS of Your Stress (3.1)

Quick Mindfulness Reset (3.2)

Section 3 Quiz

Supplement Success: Simple Additions for Lasting Change

Finding Mindfulness in Surprising Places (4.1)

Beginner-Friendly Calming Breath Technique

Beginner-Friendly Meditation (Body Scan)

Beginner-Friendly Meditation (Body Scan) – Meditation Audio

Section 4 Quiz

Reflect & Grow: Moving Forward With Strength

Make Stress Work for You (5.1)

Lasting Resilience (5.2)

Stress Management Plan (5.3)

Section 5 Quiz

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