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Enter the world of Digital Marketing with this specialized SEO course covering everything with practical examples

What you will learn

Search engine optimization techniques

Organic Marketing

Google search engine

Technical SEO

Content writing & Marketing

Off page optimization

On-page Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Keyword and competitor research

Lead generation


Welcome to the World’s best specialized SEO course ever.

The course cover everything from theory to practical with case studies and examples. This is the only course in the world where you woll also learn about the technicalities of SEO and how to handle them.

The content of this course is based on real world practices and checklists used by professionals in the SEO world.

You will learn about

Google Search engine

Google algorithms

WordPress development


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Tools for SEO

On-page optimization

Technical SEO

Off-page Optimization

How to get a job in SEO?

How to start your own digital marketing company?



Welcome to Search Engine Optimization Complete Specialization Course
Understanding Google Search Engine
What is Search Engine with example
Working of Search Engine
Google Search Algorithms and Brandy Update
Panda Algorithm Update in Google Search
Penguin Algorithm Update in Google Search
Hummingbird Algorithm Update in Google Search
Pigeon & Mobile Update Google Search Algorithm
RankBrain Algorithm Update in Google Search
Possum & Fred Update Google Search Algorithm
BERT Google Search Algorithm Update
Search Engine Optimization
What Is Search Engine Optimization with Example
How to get your first client & start your SEO journey?
Different approach to start with for B2B & B2C Clients
Everything about Keyword Research & Google Keyword Planner
How to do the Content Research?
Website Design and Development
Make a Website using WordPress
Make a Website using Bootstrap
Basic Introduction to Shopify
Learn everything about Technical SEO
SSL(Secure Socket Layer) Certificate
Canonical Issues
Google Search Console
Google Analytics
Technical SEO Tools
Website performance optimization using Google pagespeed insights
Learn On-Page SEO
On-Page SEO & Content Optimization part 1
On-page Optimization & Content SEO Tools
Learn Off-Page Optimization
Understanding Off-Page Optimization
Off page optimization tools
SEO Case studies
Case 1: Job portal & Google Search Console
Case 2: Concrete product company & On-page SEO
Case 3: Fluid handling b2b company & Canonicalization
Final Section having few tips
Final lecture
Let`s Crack it!