Tips for Success in SAP and SAP S/4 HANA

What you will learn

All aspirant college students who are beginning their career with SAP get right guidence

All aspirant Industry executives who want to switch career to SAP will be able to evaluate his / her decision

All SAP consultants who want to grow further in the present career path

Those who are already in SAP want to understand how to diversify to different modules


Enterprise resource planning offers an challenging and rewarding career. SAP is market leader. Lot of young graduates and industry experienced professionals try to get into SAP Consultant’s career path. Statistics show hardly small percentage of aspirants do a successful career. Some manage to survive and majority fail to make a breakthrough. Why they fail? If you analyse the reasons, you will find the root cause. One should make a conscious evaluation of his/her capabilities and work on shortcomings. May it be soft skills, technical skills or behavioural skills. Also need to analyze what kind of qualifications, certifications are required? whether they are required or can we manage without any certifications?

How credible is career with SAP? Whether this career path is sustainable? What level of risks involved in case if you exit from the present job/career and make a switch?

Questions are many but good answers are scares. We tried to help young aspirants to fill confidence and also to show the path to become successful SAP Consultant.

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This course provides tips for success which are gathered from several experienced SAP consultants who have tons of experience gathered over the period of time. The consultants are practicing consultants and their views  are certainly valuable and practically feasible.

Go through the course – you will see lot of inputs. You may feel they are all known factors. But the point is, when we hear them in a structured way from people who practice them, they are very valuable and useful/



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Introduction to the course



SAP as career Option

SAP as career Option

SAP Consultant

SAP Consultant

Soft skills and SAP Consultant

15 Soft skills for a successful SAP Consultant

Tips for Success

Tips for Success

SAP Hot Modules and Myths about Certifications

SAP Hot Modules

What SAP Says?

General – As explained by SAP
Digital Supply Chain -As Explained by SAP
SAP Retail – As explained by SAP
Integrated Business Planning – As explained by SAP

Quiz Section

Recap Quiz