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What you will learn


Learn Programming Language Step by Step.


Learn Python from scratch.


Learning Python is very easy now.


Learn how to write code in Python from scratch.


create you own project using Python


make your carrier in Python programming language.


Learn Python form IT industry experts.


Learn the Python skills needed to apply for Java developer positions


Understand complex Python features through simple explanation


Hi Students,

I have 10+ years of IT experience in Python and different programming language.

now I want to share my programming knowledge with my students.

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In this Python course I will start teaching Python from very basic like what is Python and what is the feature of Python.

the reason is that starting from scratch may be some of students even don’t know what is Python.

but later I will cover all important topics of Python.

In these days to take a job in IT industry you need to expert in one programming language .

I will teach Python is such a way that you will become master in Python.

In this course you will get video lecture. transcript of every video lecture and related interview question of each topic.

which will help you to crack your interview.

In this course I will cover all latest Python version enhancements or new concept of every Python version.

Like Python 8 is the major changes in Python Programming Language so we will discuss in depth new features of Python 8.

Also I will cover mostly used concept in Python . So you can create your own python project. So you can become Python developer.




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