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What you will learn

Answer questions for Scrum Certification exams

Understand why an answer is correct or incorrect

Prepare for PSM2 certification



Build Scrum Events Agenda and calendar

Difficult certification questions

Explanations of the answers

Technical Debt

Listen to scrum questions in audible format with explanations


Acknowledgment: Scrum (.) org and PSM2 are protected Brands. These practice exams are neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Scrum (.) org. Although all practice tests mock real tests, they are unofficial.

Are you looking to take a Scrum Certification Exam like PSM II ™ but you still feel a bit insecure or you are curious about how the questions look like? Do you want to be sure that is aligned with the latest Scrum Guide 2020? Do you want to pass the exam with a high score?

In this course, you will review the Scrum Framework and advanced topics, practice with realistic Professional Scrum Master IIpractice tests in audible and text versions so you can get familiar with the questions and receive an explanation of the answers so you can become sharp, fast, and accurate in answering scrum questions correctly.

Not included: The certification exam is not included either and must be purchased separately from correspondent institutions like scum (.) org.

*Requirements*: You need a good knowledge of the Scrum Framework to take these practice exams. Experience using the Scrum Framework is recommended as well. To learn more, you can take this course first.


  • Scrum Framework and advanced topics (video lessons).

  • Quizzes and challenges to validate your knowledge.

  • Exam Preparation Guide.

  • Scrum cheat sheet.

  • Nexus cheat sheet.

  • PSM Practice questions:

    • 2 PSM2™ Audible full practice tests with 30 questions each.

    • 1 Quiz with a set of 30 PSM2™ questions.

    • 2 full and realistic PSM2™ simulation tests of 90 minutes each.

    Answers explained: All questions contain an explanation of the answers.

True Scrum: This course is totally aligned with the latest version of the Scrum Guide 2020. The explanations of the questions contain quotes from the Scrum Guide to prove that all answers must be within the rules of the Scrum Framework.

What you will learn?

· Scrum.

· Advanced Topics: Technical Debt, Scaling Scrum with Nexus, Cone of uncertainty, etc.

· Answer questions for Scrum Certification exams.

· Understand why an answer is correct or incorrect.

· Prepare for PSM2 certification.

· Difficult questions.

This course is specifically for:

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· People that want to take a scrum certification exam like PSM2.

· People that know the Scrum framework and theory and have some experience using it. To learn about Agile and Scrum you can take the course: Agile & Scrum in Depth: Guide, Simulation and Best Practices

Why taking the class? What you will gain?

· Understand how the exam is.

· Become ready to take the real exam.

· Become fast and accurate to answer scrum questions with confidence.

About me

Hi, my name is Ignacio.

My main goal is to help you with new knowledge that you can apply at work and be a successful and professional leader.

I am a Certified Agile Team Coach. I led, coached, led, and managed Agile projects and scrum teams since 2005 for customers from all over the world.

During my career with intensive learning, I got many advanced scrum certifications including Certified Scrum Professional Scrum Master, Certified Professional Scrum Product Owner, and Certified Agile Leadership.

I worked 15 years as a Professor for Agile Methodologies and Systems design.

I love to teach Agile and Scrum and I designed a lot of hours of training that I am bringing online. I prefer to teach with games and activities that can simulate the real world.

I trained hundreds of students in Agile that became top professionals in the industry.
Teaching what I learned in my 20 years of experience allows the students to gain realistic learning that they can apply at work.




Overview of the course
Summary of Templates, exercises and resources

Scrum Framework: Introduction to Scrum

Introduction to Scrum – Learning Objectives
What is Scrum?
Scrum Framework
Scrum Accountabilities- Overview
Scrum Flow – Overview
Uses of Scrum
When to Use Scrum
Scrum Pillars: Empirical Process Control
Scrum Values
Scrum Values Quiz
Scrum Theory Quiz

Scrum Culture

Scrum Culture – Learning Objectives
Scrum is very easy and very hard
Agile is about people
Scrum Implementations: Scrum-but, cosmetic scrum, agile fertile soil
Manifesto for Half-Arsed Agile Software Development

Scrum Framework: Scrum Accountabilities (Roles)

Scrum Accountabilities – Learning Objectives
Product Owner
Scrum Master
Scrum Team
Other Roles outside Scrum
Scrum Accountabilities Quiz
A small break. How’s it going?

Scrum Framework: Scrum Events

Scrum Events – Learning Objectives
Overview of Scrum Events
Sprint Planning
Cancelling a Sprint
Daily Scrum
Sprint Review
Sprint Retrospective
Product Backlog Refinement (not an event but an ongoing process)
Scrum Events Quiz

Scrum Events Agenda

Scrum Events Agenda – Learning Objectives
Examples of Scrum Events Agenda
Scrum Events agenda Quiz

Scrum Framework: Scrum Artifacts

Scrum Artifacts – Learning Objectives
Scrum Artifacts
Product Backlog
Product Goal – Commitment for the Product Backlog
Monitoring Progress towards Product goals: Release Burn-down Chart
Sprint Backlog
Monitoring Sprint Progress: Sprint Burn-down chart
Product Increment
Definition of Done – Commitment for the Increment
Scrum Artifacts Quiz

Scrum Framework: Review

Scrum Framework General Quiz
Scrum Guide 2020 vs Scrum Guide 2017
Cheat Sheet – Scrum Guide: Review the Scrum Framework with the cheat sheet

Advanced topics

The 8 Stances of a Scrum Master
Velocity, Past Performance and Capacity
Technical Debt
Scaling Scrum with Nexus
Cheat Sheet – Nexus Scrum Guide: Review the Nexus Framework with the cheat sheet
Cone of Uncertainty
Effort vs. Accuracy
Planning Poker: How to play and example
Advanced Topics Quiz
Agile Estimation Quiz

PSM II™ Preparation Guide

About The PSM2™ Professional Scrum Master II™ Certification
PSM II Preparation guide

PSM II – Practice Test 1 – Audible – 30 Questions read and explained

PSM II Audible Practice Test 1 – Learning Objectives
Crafting the Sprint Goal and the Sprint Backlog
Not paying technical debt
Who updates the Increment?
Velocity and Product Owner
The Scrum Master is a management role
What is needed to start the first Sprint?
Scrum Master Accountabilities
Member developed an unplanned feature
Product Owner and Developers relationship
Who manages the progress of work during a Sprint
Start the first Sprint
Change the number of teams working on a Product
Refinement with only a few Developers
Best time to inspect the Definition of Done
Adding more resources to the Scrum Team
Team member hijacks the Daily Scrum
Developers showing Scrum values
What can Management do for the Scrum Team?
Assign team members to Scrum Teams
Developers and the Sprint Goal
Developers not following a Scrum value
Communication between Developers and PO
Self-managing Developers
Developers not showing Scrum values
Demo of functionalities in different environments
UAT required by the organization
A Developer is hiding mistakes
Time-box and Self-managing
Understand the interaction between the Product Owner and Developers
What is Scrum based on?

PSM II – Practice Test 2 – Audible – 30 Questions read and explained

PSM II Audible Practice Test 2 – Learning Objectives
Scrum Team being transparent
Scaling Scrum recommendations
Causes of technical debt
The Increment did not meet PO expectations
Role of Management with a Scrum Team
Velocity and technical debt
Mandatory tools for the Product Owner
Asking to extend the Sprint Review time box
Changing team membership
Who updates the Product Backlog?
Value vs. number of Developers
The importance of the Daily Scrum
The meaning of Done
Scrum pillars
Risks addressed with Scrum
Rules of Scrum to make Self-organization more effective
Addressing new security concerns
Actions when the Product Owner is busy
Necessary skills of the Developers
How can the PO trust that Developers will deliver
Sprint Review of multiple Scrum Teams
Organizing Developers into multiple teams
The PO does not trust that developers can deliver
Maximum time between Sprints
Resolving dependencies for multiple Scrum Teams
The Product Owner asks the Developers to report their progress
Conflict about whether an item is done
Removing testing from the Definition of Done
Concerns when adding a second team to work on the same Product
Meeting rooms problems with a distributed team

PSM II™ Certification Practice Exams

PSM II Practice 3 – Quiz format – 30 questions
PSM2 – Practice 4 – Simulation Exam: 30 questions in 90 minutes
PSM2 – Practice 5 – Simulation Exam 5: 30 questions in 90 minutes

Wrap up

Thank you and Final thoughts
How to get your Udemy Certificate for this course?

Bonus Section

Bonus Lecture