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Why & how to use pay-per-click/direct response marketing with Google Adwords & Facebook advertising

What you will learn

Why traditional “brand awareness” marketing is fundamentally flawed

Have concrete examples of pay-per-click, direct response Google & Facebook advertising success across industries

Recite the 4 steps of the PPC sales funnel & 5 major types of sales leads

Perform basic math calculations needed to conduct Google & Facebook PPC

Explain ways to lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)/Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Calculate & explain Return on Investment (ROI)

Explain the role of a PPC/direct response campaign manager

Be able to find & hire PPC/direct response campaign managers or DIY


We are currently undergoing the greatest shift in advertising since the invention of the TV.

And it’s all because of Pay-Per-Click Advertising, also known as direct response marketing.

PPC/direct response advertisements on Google & Facebook are by far the cheapest, most effective and best way to grow customers for any product, good or service.

It helped me build a website to 1 million page views PER DAY and sell it to famous tech entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. Now I’m teaching you what I learned in this 5-part, 1-hour course.

The introduction & 5 modules of the course are broken down like this:


• Who is Jim Weber?
• Testimonial from famous tech entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk
• What is Pay-Per-Click/Direct Response Marketing?
• What will I learn from “PPC 101”?

Module #1: PPC Case Study

• How Zingerman’s Deli used PPC to build a $15-million, mail-order business.

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Module #2: Sales Flow

• The PPC Sales Funnel & how to generate sales leads.

Module #3: PPC Math
• Elementary school-level formulas you need to know and how to calculate.

Module #4: Success Stories
• Successful uses of PPC to grow businesses, products or services across industries.

Module #5: Campaign Managers
• Everything you need to know about finding & hiring PPC campaign managers.


• Quick recap of the most important things you learned in Modules #1-5.


This course is NOT a “how to” guide to creating and monitoring Google & Facebook ads. From my personal experience, it takes months to not only use these PPC platforms but also master them to a point where you make a positive Return on Investment. Unless you are planning to run Google & Facebook ads as your profession, it is a more efficient use of your time and money to hire a trusted campaign manager and pay them either on commission or a percentage of your PPC ad spend (30% or less).




Who is Jim Weber?
Traditional Marketing’s 5 Fatal Flaws
What is Pay-Per-Click Marketing?
My PPC Success Story
What You’ll Learn in PPC 101

Module #1: PPC Case Study

Module Intro
Zingerman’s Deli PPC Results
Module Recap

Module #2: Sales Process

Module Intro
4 Steps & 3 C’s of PPC Sales Funnel
5 Types of Leads
Module Recap

Module #3: PPC Math

Module Intro
Goal of PPC: Increase 3 C’s of Sales Funnel
Return on Investment
Module Recap

Module #4: Success Stories

Module Intro
Success Stories by Lead
Keys to PPC Success
Module Recap

Module #5: Campaign Managers

Module Intro
PPC as Sports Team
PPC Manager’s Job vs. Your Job
Finding & Hiring vs. Do It Yourself
PPC One-Sheet


Module #1: PPC Case Study
Module #2: Sales Process
Module #3: PPC Math
Module #4: Success Stories
Module #5: Campaign Managers