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Master your skills in Power BI reporting and analysis with a complete real-world hands on use case

What you will learn

Complete end-to-end Power BI Report development using a real-world business case

Able to implement your BI skills to your professional or personal projects

Power BI’s complete ETL process – data integration, transformation, modelling and visualization

Able to understand and explore your data using AI-Based Power BI visuals

Learning and implementing DAX calculations

Analyze your data for an effective storytelling using unique Power BI features like – drillthrough, custom tooltips, bookmarks


Learn to design and develop amazing Power BI report as per industrial standards and best practices.

In this course, you’ll learn all the unique features of Power BI Desktop to help you understand and gain confidence in –

  • Data Integration
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Exploration
  • Data Visualization
  • Storytelling

Course content

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We’ll be taking a practical approach by first understanding the business case, then as per our requirement will be working step-by-step practical approach to first clean our data, mashup and then start our work on visualizations.

In this extensive hands-on course, you will be under the shoes of a Data analyst who is developing a Power BI report for Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer to help them uncover the business insights from their data and track major Sales and Financial KPIs.

You will be working and analyzing a Sales and market share analysis data where your focus would be to find out which product categories and manufacturers are generating the most revenue. Along with that, you will be doing a competitive analysis against other top manufacturers.

  • We’ll start by integrating the data from multiple data sources and then performing lot of transformations to prepare and clean our data and make it ready for reporting.
  • Once loaded, we’ll start working on making a data model and working our way towards the visualizations.
  • We’ll be doing a lot of data analysis and exploration by asking important questions throughout the course.
  • We’ll also be working our way to answer some of the common questions while doing Sales analysis through DAX calculations and creating our own measures and calculated columns.
  • Our final goal will be to design a professional sales analysis report that can easily be used by the end users to gather the insights and help them take actions out of it.
  • Furthermore, we’ll be using multiple AI-based Power BI visuals to do some advanced analysis on our data.



Power BI Overview and capabilities
Business Scenario
Walkthrough – Report Section, Data, Model
Walkthrough – Home Ribbon

Data Integration

Integrating data from multiple data sources
Data preparation

Data Transformation

Split columns | Fill down | Column from examples
Remove rows | Transpose
Append Queries | Add Conditional Column
Optimizing the Data Model

Data Modelling

Creation of unique key column for setting up relationship
Cross Filter Direction

Data Exploration and Analysis

Clustered column chart – Ask a question feature | Top N Analysis
Competitor Analysis – Creation of Groups | Treemap visual
YoY Analysis – Drilldown Capabilities
Slicer | Creation of hierarchies

DAX Calculations

Measures vs Calculated Columns
This Year vs Last Year Analysis | Custom Date dimension table
% Growth Calculation

Data Visualization

Conditional Formatting on Matrix visual
Importing a custom .JSON theme
Using manufacturer logo images in slicer | Trend Analysis

Storytelling in Power BI

Using Bookmarks to present your data in a story
Adding Bookmark buttons in your report
Adding toggle buttons using Selection Pane and Bookmark Pane

Finalizing the UI of Sales Report

Adding Background | Azure Maps | Text boxes | Logo

Advanced analysis using AI Visualizations

Decomposition Tree
Key Influencers
Smart Narrative

Advanced Power BI Features

Analyze and Quick Insights
Custom Tooltip
Drillthrough from summary to detailed report

Power BI Service

Introduction to Power BI Service

Some Additional Concepts

Export to Excel | Export to PDF
Performance Analyzer