Depression relief: discuss; watch; apply.

What you will learn

Recognise signs of depression and be able to evade it

Know how to help others avoid depression

How depression is linked to decluttering (clutter)

The clutter-depression-anxiety cycle

How cinema visits reduce depression

The impact of horror films on depression

How the performing arts benefit mental health


Note: This course does not qualify the recipient to perform any form of therapy or counseling for any other person

This short, updated (May 2021) course covers the following:

1. The stress of your children leaving home

2. Missing someone you love

3. War and depression

4. The death of a spouse

5. Can watching a film make you depressed?

6. War (in films) and depression

7. Suicide and depression

8. What if a family member has depression?

9. Crosswords and depression

10. Conflict resolution

11. Homelessness and depression

Throughout the course, homework is set – with links to Youtube videos, news articles and journals to help you answer the questions. In most lectures a film ( in which the Instructor appears) is used to illustrate the points made.

The more you participate the more you will get out of this course.

Others say:

“life changing experience. your efforts are really appreciable for all and creating this course.”

– Nisar Ali

“I think it is very interesting as it involves applying film to emotions.

– Tricia Bethel

“i am taking it for professional reasons. i hope to start at masters in counselling and psychotherapy for children, young adults and families in sept 2019. i hope this course will give me a taste of some of the issues i will learn about.”

Malka Gluck

So – Key Points to the Approach of this course

Three stages:

1. A topic is outlined

2. A film/film clip is included that illustrates some of the points made

3. You are then set homework/further research

Do all that and you’ll really enjoy the course – and get the Oxford Diploma!




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Cinema, Theatre & Depression 2

About the lecturer

When kids leave home…

When kids leave home…(part 2)

Missing someone you love

War and depression

Death of a spouse

Can watching a film make you depressed? What if the film is violent?

Depression and recent war films

Suicide and depression

What if a family member has depression?

Crosswords and depression

Creating your own world

Depression and conflict resolution

Homelessness and depression

Conflict at work

Conflict at work (part 2)

Final homework

Final homework (part 2)

Depression and stress are linked to stroke

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Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecture 4

Lecture 5

Lecture 6