Use data analytics to tell compelling stories through reports and dashboards.

What you will learn

Learn about various roles in data

Learn about the various tasks of a data analyst

Connect to data

Transform data

Model data

Visualize data

Publish reports to Power BI Service

Build dashboards

Collaborate and share reports

Update data in the Power BI Service


Data analytics (DA) is the process of examining data sets in order to find trends and draw conclusions about the information they contain. Increasingly, data analytics is done with the aid of specialized systems and software.

As a data analyst, you are on a journey. Think about all the data that is being generated each day and that is available in an organization, from transactional data in a traditional database, telemetry data from services that you use, to signals that you get from different areas like social media.

Before data can be used to tell a story, it must be run through a process that makes it usable in the story. Data analysis is the process of identifying, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data to discover meaningful and useful information. The data is then crafted into a story through reports for analysis to support the critical decision-making process.

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As the world becomes more data-driven, storytelling through data analysis is becoming a vital component and aspect of large and small businesses. It is the reason that organizations continue to hire data analysts.

Data-driven businesses make decisions based on the story that their data tells, and in today’s data-driven world, data is not being used to its full potential, a challenge that most businesses face. Data analysis is, and should be, a critical aspect of all organizations to help determine the impact to their business, including evaluating customer sentiment, performing market and product research, and identifying trends or other data insights.




Data Analytics Introduction
Overview of Data Analysis
Roles in Data
Tasks of a Data Analyst
Data Analytics Quiz
Exploring Power BI Interface

Get started with Power BI

What is Power BI
Parts of Power BI
What is Power BI Desktop
Installing Power BI Desktop
Exploring Power BI Desktop Interface
Sign in to Power BI service
Microsoft 365 Business Setup
Getting started with Microsoft 365
Connecting to data
Transform data
Model data
Visualize Data
Publish Report to Power BI Service
Build a Dashboard
Collaborate and share
Building blocks of Power BI
The flow of work in Power BI
Tour and use the Power BI service
Update data in the Power BI service
Get started with Power BI