Developing Supportive Work Environments

What you will learn

More fully understand the nature and impact of mental health problems

Appreciate the need for workplaces to be sensitive to the needs of people with mental health problems

Be better equipped to recognize and respond to mental health problems

Be more confident in addressing mental health problems in the workplace


Mental health problems of various kinds are very common in our society, although many people – and organizations – prefer to pretend that they do not exist. In this course introduced by wellbeing expert Dr Neil Thompson, mental health expert Dr Suki Desai explains the significance of mental health issues and clarifies why workplaces need to take them seriously. This fits very well with the current fully justified emphasis on the importance of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Mental health issues are complex and can prove quite challenging. This can lead to many people backing away from such challenges and hoping to avoid them. This course will help to avoid this by playing a part in boosting confidence.

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Unfortunately, mental health issues are also characterized by a significant degree of stigma, despite such problems being very common across the general population. Organizations that are genuinely committed to employee wellness will need to get past that stigma and offer working conditions that are supportive of good mental health, rather than a source of mental health difficulties (for example, through stress). This course can play a part in providing the basis of understanding necessary to move in that direction.

Ignoring mental health problems or dealing with them in an uninformed way can be quite dangerous.



Mental Health Problems in the Workplace

Module Companion E-workbook
Part 1 – Understanding mental health
Part 2 – How employers can help
Part 3 – What can employees do?