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Powerful exercises for reprogramming the body and the mind, specifically addressing the challenges of women

What you will learn

Gain clarity on the causes of the emotional eating

Work on the roots of your emotional problems

Dealing with emotions in a safe, loving way

Raising Mind-body awareness

Self-hypnosis for weight loss

Let go of some harmful eating habits


This course is for you if you are a woman, who struggles with emotional eating and

  • you keep gaining your weight back after investing so much time and energy in dieting
  • you feel frustrated and bad about yourself
  • you love to care for others but ignore your own needs
  • you constantly try to please others trying to be a perfect mother, daughter or wife
  • you feel you have to be strong but inside you are in pain
  • you keep sabotaging yourself
  • you can’t let go of the baggage of the past

this course can help you.

Here you will

  • gain clarity on what’s at the roots of your weight issues, how your brain keeps you overweight and why,
  • learn techniques to tap into your subconscious mind and use its fantastic resources to solve these issues,
  • feel more in control and relaxed.

Click join and let’s get you started on your journey to healthy weight and happiness.



Let’s get started fast
Who I am and how will I help you
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What you need
What to expect
A bird’s eye view
Where are you now and what’s keeping you here?
Where do you want to be?
The roots of emotional eating
Why couldn’t you lose weight?
Will + power
The subconscious mind
Weight as a solution to a greater problem
The mind controls the body
Connecting with the body
Developing Body Awareness and Trust
Breathing exercise
The lemon exercise
Glued fingers exercise
We hypnotize ourselves to feel bad
Empowering self-hypnosis
Why do suggestions only help temporarily?
Yes or no fingers
Learning relaxation: Guided meditation exercise
Deepening your relaxation: Guided meditation exercise
How can we stop our thoughts while meditating?
Understanding the needs and signals of the body
Connecting with Emotions
Assessing your emotions
Where do our negative emotions come from?
Being afraid of our feelings
I hate my body – negative self-image
Learning Self-love
Self-love exercise
Feeling you’re not being good enough
Sense of Safety and Anxiety
Comfort Eating
Stress Eating
Are you ignoring your own needs?
Which of the feelings resonated within you?
Emotional Self-healing Training
Connecting with the mind
Connecting with the mind
Becoming aware of the negative beliefs
Becoming aware of the negative programs
Examples, client stories and exercises
Trauma and Weight
Being single and how that affects our weight
How can we create a loving relationship if we are single?
Abortion and Weight
Miscarriage and Weight
Rejecting The Woman Inside and Weight
Surviving Abuse
Narcissistic relationships
Jealousy and Weight
Ellie’s Birth
Case Study: Learning about emotional needs through Britney Spears
How to continue your journey to happiness?
Self-assessment: Awareness and Clarity