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What you will learn

Why do prices move?

Trending vs. Ranging Markets

What is Elliott Wave Theory

Importance of Managing Risk

Understand Algos & Fibonnaci Analysis

Be able to Trade anything that moves; such as Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, or Equity Markets.


Join our revolutionary trading community and take your trading to the next level! Learn Elliott Wave Theory, Algo analysis, Fibonacci technical analysis, market geometry, & more from a team of Grandmasters & Sensei’s. No matter your level of experience; beginners to expert traders are all welcome!

Your first taste of the Belt System introduces you to some of the chart settings and tools we will be using throughout the course but also brings you up to speed on some more basic concepts including price action, volume profiling, support and resistance and of course an introduction to Elliott Wave Theory. Far from advanced, the White Belt course offers those who are new to TradeDevils a chance to not only brush up on their understanding of some important theories but get to grips with the terminology and foundational thinking used by our members and Sensei’s.

  • Setting up your charts and introduction to the tools we use.
  • The importance of risk management.
  • Supply & demand, price movement and volume profiles.
  • Internal and external retracements.
  • Trending and ranging markets.
  • An introduction to Elliott Wave, the basic form and important terminology.
  • The 3 rules & understanding subdivision.
  • The two modes: motives and corrections.
  • Discovering probability and relationships between waves.

About Me (Sam/TradeDevil)

25 years of trading experience.

10 years as and futures and Options Broker.

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3 years brokerage firm owner. Forex, stock market.

Certified Elliot Wave technician.

Through market insight, education, community and hands-on support our goal is to help you become the trader that you want to be.

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Introduction to Tradingview
Tradingview Template Setup
Tradingview Drawing Tools Setup
Supply & Demand, Price & Volume
Internal & External Retracements
Trends & Ranges