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MBA in Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing: Term 1.6 course focussed on YouTube marketing and promotion

What you will learn

Learn to promote videos and get traffic through video annotations

Learn to embed YouTube videos on your website

Learn about various video editing tools available in the market

Find free incredible stock footage for your videos

Learn to create video intro’s and outro’s using cloud based video tools

Know how to generate tags or keywords for your YouTube videos

Find the rank of your YouTube video through a powerful tool

Generate your video instantly through a powerful cloud VFX tool


Welcome to the sixth course in Term 1 as part of the series “MBA in Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing”.

Do you own a YouTube video channel and wondering how you can increase traffic for your website by diverting traffic from YouTube? Also, do you wonder about how you can create tons of stunning videos to engage your audience and fans to the max potential?

Look no further than this mind-blowing course created by Digital Marketing Legend “Srinidhi Ranganathan”, that teaches you how to create and promote YouTube videos.

You will also learn how to find stock footage and pictures for creating videos. Also, we will look at various video editing software tools that will help you in this process. We will also explore a VFX tool for creating intro videos and outro videos at high speed.

Also, know that the actual fact is, It doesn’t matter how much time you put into creating your videos; if you are not marketing & promoting your videos, your work will never be seen by the majority of your target audience. It’s like throwing a big party without letting anyone knows.

And this is the right time to change it and become one of the YouTuber who is seen and known by everyone.

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YouTube video creation and promotion is an art which anyone can learn… with a little discipline.

In these video tutorials on Udemy, strategies and techniques that you can follow to create, market & promote your YouTube videos are shared with you.

These super tips are tested, proven, and work for videos from almost every segment or field. Think of this course as a checklist that you need to follow to create videos and promote them step-by-step.

Why wait?

Enrol now and let’s start booming. Get to become an amazing video creator from now on.



Killer ways to create and promote YouTube videos: The 2020 Course
Introduction to the course: Killer ways to create and promote YouTube videos
Video Editing Software Tools: Detailed
Video Stock Footage Sites: Secret
VIdeo Creation Process using cloud based tools
Video Tag Generation: Simplifed
Make awesome videos with a special cloud based video tool
Bonus Lecture: Take your prize