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What you will learn

Learn Yourself Through Writing

7 Inspiring Journaling Prompts

7 Mindfulness Practices

Bonus Manifestation Guide + Intentions Tracker


Journaling is a powerful mindfulness tool that helps us self-reflect and catch various streams of thoughts and emotions. When we write things down, we literally transfer our thoughts out of our minds on paper. Our opinions are shaped, we untangle messy strings of ideas in our mind and create a logical flow of things with each sentence. As a result, we gain clarity on what we think and how we really feel.


In this 7-day journaling course, I challenge you to take 5-10 minutes per day to discover yourself through writing. You will be given a prompt and a bonus task every day for one week. Bonus tasks vary from something simple that takes only a minute to more complex ones. This is a great way to learn yourself if you just starting your self-awareness journey. If you are seasoned, this is an amazing tool to add under your belt.


You own this experience. Like anything you do in life, set your intentions before starting this course. Put your mind into it, the depth of your journey only depends on you and how far deep inside you are ready to look at the moment.

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I wish you lots of interesting insights and “a-ha” moments! Enjoy every moment of self-discovery! Can’t wait to hear back from you!



7-Day Journaling Challenge

Turn Your Practice Into Meditation
Day 1. Morning Pages
5 Min Breathwork
Day 2. Where I Was 5 Years Ago?
Day 3. Take Your Practice Outside
Day 4. Unsent Letter
Day 5. Someone Who Inspires You
Day 6. Manifest Your Dreams
Day 7. Gratitude Journaling
Bonus Manifestation Guide
Bonus Intentions Tracker
Let’s Be Friends
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