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What you will learn

how to journalise business transactions


Journal is a day book for keeping business transactions in order by date. it is a book of prime entry or a book of original entry. Other book of original entry are:


 purchase book


– sales book


– purchase return book


– sales return book


– bills receivable book


– bills payable book


– cash book

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This free course is covering only the basics of journal and Journalizing .  My Another course – Financial Accounting – book keeping and accounting basics – will cover all the  books of accounts  in detail.  This course is designed with graphics and anyone can simply learn, this is a door step to book keeping. 

course detail in brief:


double entry system in Journal

golden rules of accounts in Journal

Journalizing Transaction on the basis of their type

Journalizing Transactions based on their category

Common account heads and their Journalizing

Journal is a double entry system, so non-commerce students absolutely  not know how to enter business transactions in journal. Even commerce students are also making mistake while entering business transactions in Journal. In this situation they are not eligible for an accounting job in a company. In  addition to Journal book , the above given books also want to learn and manage well for getting a good job in  a company.




Journal and Journalizing – Introduction

Journal – Introduction
Journal – Definition
Journal – Double Entry System in Journalising
Journal – Journalising, Example with Graphics
Journal – Learn Journalising through Type of Transaction
Journal – Common Account Heads and their Journalising
Journal – Journalising Accounting Transactions , Methods and Examples I
Journal – Journalising Accounting Transactions , Methods and Examples II
Journal – Journalising Accounting Transactions , Assignment01
Journal – Journalising Accounting Transactions , Assignment02
Journal – Journalising Accounting Transactions , Assignment03
Journal – Journalising Accounting Transactions , Assignment04
Journal – Journalising Accounting Transactions , Assignment05

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