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Get set with Instagram

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If you’re not part of the one billion on Instagram, you might want to reconsider. The app is a great chance to stay a part of friends’ lives — when I want to see how my college friends are doing, I don’t check Facebook, I check Instagram. Plus, you can follow your favorite celebrities or political figures to see candid photos of their everyday lives. And there is money to be made on Instagram. To sign up for Instagram, all you need to do is download the Instagram app on your phone and click “sign up.” You can choose to sign up through Facebook, with an email, or phone number. After you choose a username and password, you’re ready to build your profile. When you post an image to Instagram, you have the option to share it on other social media accounts, like your Facebook or Twitter. So let get you on Instagram, With over a billion registered accounts, Instagram, which was bought by Facebook in 2012, has become a part of daily life. It seems like everyone is on Instagram nowadays, from small businesses to big ones, news organizations to cultural institutions, celebrities, photographers, and musicians, and not to mention the cottage industry of influencers that have come in its wake.



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