DIscover Your Purpose of life

What You Will Learn

To find the purpose of life

FInd Your Passion in life

Able to overcome fear and become confident

Build Your Network


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I am going to give you the introductory how to actually become what you want to be in life. There is no set path for this but there are some common denominators of what you can do to actually find out a place and a path for yourself in this world.

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The main part of discovering yourself or learning about yourself is seeking perspective and doing reflections. So these are the main two components we will breakdown into other components during this course. In this, I’ll gonna tell about my background story and my journey in this.

About the Instructor:

I am Michael Sillion from Sweden and it has been over 20 years journey in philosophy, meditation, psychology, technology, social media, networking and other skills that I acquired during this time. I love to talk about these subjects and believe in sharing is caring.

Who this course is for:

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