5 Simple steps to building a profitable small business

What you will learn

Kick-start a profitable small business

Optimize a small business for profitability

Design a profitable business model

Position your small business toward a profitable group of customers

Promote and sell your products profitably

Manage business expenses and become profitable

Grow and scale a profitable small business


In this course, you will learn how to kick-start a profitable small business through proven tactics and powerful strategies explained with tons of examples and case studies on maximizing your small business’s bottom line and getting measurable results with less effort in a short period.

Throughout this course, you will get introduced to profitable business models, profitable brand positioning, profitable marketing, managing your business numbers for profitability, and branding strategy for growing and scaling your small business.

This course is for starting entrepreneurs struggling to kick-start a profitable small business or small business owners struggling to optimize their small business for maximum profitability.

This course WILL NOT teach you how to make millions out of your small business or sell you fluffy dreams and fancy strategies that work nicely on paper but don’t apply to real-life projects.

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This course is designed for entrepreneurs with a physical product. However, you can apply the same principles to any small business if you adjust the information to fit your business.

This course is a collection of videos from my other high-rated courses combined into a cohesive mini-course.

Whether it’s your dream to build a profitable small business or optimize your current small business for maximum profitability, this course is made especially for you. Sign up now, and I will see you on the inside.



The Profitable Small Business Blueprint

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Course Introduction
How to Design a Profitable Business Model
Lesson 2 Takeaway and assignment
How to Position Your Brand Toward a Profitable Group of Customers
Lesson 3 Takeaway and Assignment
How to Promote and Sell Your Product Profitably
Lesson 4 Takeaway and Assignment
How to Manage Your Business Numbers and Be Profitable
Lesson 5 Takeaway and Assignment
Bonus – How to Grow and Scale Your Brand
Course Summary