Became a better hip hop dancer from your laptop. Street dance in your PC. Hip hop dancing from beginner to advance

What You Will Learn

hip hop dance foundation

basic dance movements in hip hop dance

hip hop dance choreography (choreo part) (8 pieces) (hip hop routine)

hip hop dance groove

Social dance moves (Alf, Atlanta (ATL Stomp), Criss Cross, Roger rabbit and etc.

hip hop dance steps

Cap tricking choreography (as a part of hip hop dance)

Cap tricking basic movements


  • no dance experience need


*** This Hip hop dance from beginner to advance: Street dance course access includes video of choreography, basic steps, bonus short video with steps***



Hip hop dance and street dance nowadays is an absolutely essential part of a modern life if you want to be on tune. The truth is that, street dance and hip hop dance is a heart of hip hop culture, mass media culture . Absolutely everyone could get their life on a new level after studying this Hip hop dance from beginner to advance: Street dance course  and applying this knowledge in their lives. You will be more confident on any party, at any event

This Hip hop dancing: from beginner to advance: Street dance course provides you with all the tools and instruments which you need, to understand how to move and feel your body.

I am sure it is not so important to remember each of choreography or variations of a step, more essential is how to understand how to move, grove, how to feel the music and what is the hip hop culture, hip hop dance and know where you could find more new info, what he name of steps, their history.

Thats why my  Hip hop dancing: from beginner to advance: Street dance course consists of very individual, deep  and simple explanations of movements and choreography, which I placed separately. In this case if you forget some move you could come back to my video course and refresh all information in your memory.

No experience is needed at all – I will explain to you everything that you have to know to become a great hip hop dancer. You don’t have to spend money for a hip hop dance class every week, you can learn hip hop dance successfully from the comfort of your own home. Enrol on the course and get access to all of the videos immediately and start your exciting journey as a hip hop dancer. Practise whenever you want, and surprise everyone around with your new and amazing dancing skills!


We will be have a next lessons:

  • Street dance: basic movements in Hip Hop dance
  • Street dance: variations of each of basic movements in Hip Hop dance
  • Street dance: Hip Hop dance choreography
  • Street dance: Short example tutorials video (I usually film this video with my BEGINNERS students, so they could start fell more comfortable in dance, but it could help you to see how different people do the moves)
  • And more…

So I could say “Just check a couple of reviews on my Street dance: basic movements in Hip Hop dance” But instead I prefer to say:

Check the reviews from my dance studio, and the way people learn from me

  • Your dance school is excellent !!! I wish your further development and success! We have long live in California and sorry that it appear recently.
  • it’s very good , i benefit from every minute in this courseand intructor is be graet

    thank to him

My suggestion to you..

If you really want to know how to dance, how to start feel more comfortable at a party or dance floor, if you want to inderstand the movements – just  go and check my  Street dance: basic movements in Hip Hop dance course.

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All of it is a street dance.. and I will see that that people need this info . I could invite my teachers to maker courses in that styles too!! So if you want some of it.. Just let me know!!



HIP HOP DANCE FROM BEGINNER TO ADVANCE: STREET DANCE course includes video of choreography, basic steps, bonus short video with steps.

Who this course is for:

  • For everyone who want to became a better in dance (hip hop dance)
  • For people who want to have a step-by-step guide in a basic Hip hop dance moves
  • Aspiring hip hop dancers
  • For kids, teens and adult dancers (who want to learn hip hop dance)