Exploring the Emotion of Love

What you will learn

Define what love is and what is not

Learn about the heart and emotions

Engage in a mediation to feel love


Do you often wonder if what you feel for another is love? Or do you wonder if you are acting in love? I do. I wonder about many topics. Love, is a topic that I am currently reflecting on. Reflecting on love can often be challenging. I live a busy life that diverts my attention away from love to the day-to-day tasks or the mini emergencies from work and family. Staying in stress and anger has become more instinctual than love.  To take a moment to reflect on love may seem unimportant but it should not be overlooked. Research has been done on emotions and the heart.  Emotions can affect our heart health. There is also an energy around the heart. Awareness of that energy helps to monitor emotional reactions. The Heart Meditation Moment is a meditation to bring awareness to the heart, to love and loving expression in the world. The expression of love can ultimately help the  physical body and all relationships.I have observed my emotions and the link to the sensations in my body.  The more we know and act in love the better for our society. Some people think they know what is and some people don’t. In this course you will begin to define love, learn about the heart and emotions and engage in a simple heart meditation to feel love.






About Me

What Will You Learn?

Defining Love

What will we do in this section?

Reflection Question: Yes, Response

Reflection Question: No, Response

How did it go?

Definition of Love

What is Love?

What is Love? Guided Focus

What is Not Love?

What is Not Love? Guided Focus

Do Now

Explore The Heart and Emotions

The Heart and Emotions – What will we learn?

The Heart and Emotions – Eastern Practices

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Reiki and the Heart

Yoga and the Heart

The Heart and Negative Emotions

What Do Negative Emotions Feel Like In the Heart

Negative Emotional Experience

Do Now – Your Negative Emotional Experience

The Heart and Positive Emotions

What Do Positive Emotions Look Like in the Heart?

Positive Emotional Experience

Do Now – Your Positive Emotional Experience

Key Take-Away

Heart Meditation Moment

Why Meditation and Self-Reflection?

Meditation Preparation

Heart Meditation Moment Example

Heart Meditation Moment – How To

Guided Focus: Your Heart Meditation Moment

Daily Practice Suggestions

Other Practice Suggestions

Thank You!

Last Thoughts – Faith Based Concepts of Love