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For Little Work and Maximum Reward

What you will learn

Build your email list quickly and easily with simple strategy

Build your social media following quickly ane easily with simple strategy

Learn little known strategy to make money with your music

Learn to market your music with a very small budget


Do you spend hours on your craft, perfecting your music – only to be left with few (if any) streams and a seemingly dead-end once your music is ready?  Do you wish you could quickly and easily find a way to build your email list?  Would you like to build more followers on all the big social media platforms, music streaming platforms?  You can even ask for donations.  Then look no further!  This free course is exactly what you need to answer all of those questions with an optimistic answer.

The course uses a website called Hypeddit to get email subscribers to your Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp or any other email service provider within minutes.  You will also have social media followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok…and many more within minutes of setting up your campaign.  If you want to build your follower numbers on streaming sites such as SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, Apple iTunes and many more within minutes – this is a no-brainer too.

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As a musician of 27 years experience and an experienced music marketing expert, I will teach you everything I know about Hypeddit and your worries of how many people are listening to your music will be a thing of the past.  Thank you for your interest in this course.




Introduction to Course
A Warm Welcome From the Course Instructor
Introduction to Hypeddit
What Else Do You Need in This Course?

Making Your First Download Gate

Your First Download Gate

The Hypeddit Promotion Exchange

How to Set up a Campaign in Hypeddit’s Promotion Exchange
How to Generate More Credits on the Hypeddit Promotion Exchange

How to Make Money on SoundCloud With the Power of Hypeddit

How to Set Up a SoundCloud Buy Link

Results of Using Hypeddit

A Peek Into My Aweber Account

How to Move Emails From Hypeddit to Aweber

How to Transfer Email Contacts From Hypeddit to Aweber

Thank You For Taking This Course

Bonus Lecture