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Take this GPDE flawless Exam Simulations to get a Great Score above 80% on Primary Exam at the cheapest price !

What you will learn

Get confidence for pass the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Exam

Learn How to secure app & service inside GCP environment required for this certification

Practice taking scenario-based questions about data engineering

Practice taking scenario-based questions about data engineering


Three practice exams having scenarios related to Data Engineering aspect of GCP which enable you to master Google Professional Data Engineer Certification Exam

  • Assess yourself for the Google Professional Data Engineer Certification Exam
  • Ensure that you are fully prepared for the exam
  • Appear for these exams only when you feel you are ready to take the exam

Topics covered in the exams –

  • Storage – BigQuery, BigTable, Spanner, Cloud DataStore, Cloud Storage etc.
  • Processing – DataProc, DataFlow, Spark, Beam etc.
  • Analysis – BigQuery, Hive etc.
  • Visualization – DataStudio
  • Ingestion – Cloud Pub/Sub, Kafka etc.
  • Modeling – ML APIs, ML Concepts, AI Platform, Accelerator, Troubleshooting etc.
  • Misc – Dataprep, Data Catalog, Auto Scaling, Stackdriver, IAM etc


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This course is not dump of the actual exam but it is for assessing your preparation before the real exam.

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What can a data engineer certification do for you? The need for data engineers is constantly growing and certified data engineers are some of the top paid certified professionals. Data engineers have a wide range of skills including the ability to design systems to ingest large volumes of data, store data cost-effectively, and efficiently process and analyze data with tools ranging from reporting and visualization to machine learning. Earning a Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer certification demonstrates you have the knowledge and skills to build, tune, and monitor high-performance data engineering systems.