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What you will learn

Learn how to use Kibanio’s software

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Find answers to your questions

Use this course for quick and easy help on all aspects of Kibanio


After completing this course you will have a good understanding of the Kibanio software, from initial setup, through using the software to manage your business effectively, to using our profitability analytics.  If you ever need help with a specific screen, refer back to the relevant tutorial.  Areas covered include:

Administration – set up your business on Kibanio, manage departments lead sources and representatives, buy and manage user licences, download your monthly Kibanio invoice

Brands – set up your brand and grant access to other businesses

Products – manage your price lists, retail discounts, and offer configurations of your products if relevant

Retailers – grant access to your price lists to other buinesses

Inventory – enter brought forward inventory, check your current stock, import stock of your own products, analyse stock movements

Customers – create customer records, create quotes, convert to orders and manage shipments and returns,

Purchasing – create and manage purchase orders for specific orders, general inventory or displays

Financial – view financial statements and process payments

Reports – check the status of quotes and shipments

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Carriers and Suppliers – manage and track your interactions with other businesses

Analytics – find out how much profit you are making and where you are making it

Note that the course is intended to cover all of Kibanio’s functionality, as available to users with a BusinessAdmin licence.  Not all functionality is offered to Basic, Sales and Manager licences.  For more information see our website.






Setting up (Business owners or administrators)

Sign up to Kibanio

Administration (Basic or BusinessAdmin licences)

Editing business information
Business codes
Lead sources
Trading addresses
Buying licences

Brands (Basic or BusinessAdmin licences)

Managing brands

Products & Price Lists (Basic, Manager or BusinessAdmin licences)

Products & price lists
Configurables & attributes

Trade Accounts (Basic or BusinessAdmin licences)

Managing retailer trade accounts

Inventory (BusinessAdmin and Manager licences)

Brought forward inventory
Importing stock
Inventory audit
Display inventory
Analysing stock movements

Customers (All licences)

Customer records
Customer quotes
Bespoke products on quotes
Customer orders, shipments & special discounts
Customer returns
Customer financial statement and payments
View quotes
View shipments

Carriers (BusinessAdmin and Manager licences)

Managing carriers and carrier invoices

Suppliers (BusinessAdmin and Manager licences)

Supplier financials
Supplier returns

Purchasing (BusinessAdmin and Manager licences)

Creating purchase orders
Managing purchase orders

Reports (BusinessAdmin licences)

Account balances
Profitability analytics

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