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What you will learn


Chinese Idioms


Joke stories


Different Chinese culture


Get to know your Chinese level


Do you want to learn Chinese quickly, effectively, and enjoyably? More than 98% of the students who took this course seriously made great progress! Only by learning the right method can you get quick results. Lucy’s courses are carefully designed, planned and taught to help students engage, learn and practice. Structured design means less wasted time, more engagement, faster uptake, and better results.


* Advanced course, each lesson consists of three parts.

1)Chinese idioms, which will make your Chinese more wonderful and attractive.

2)Joke and stories, which can make Chinese learning more interesting.

3)Different Chinese culture, which helps you understand different China.


    This is demo of the courses. Upon finishing all the course you will:

* master more accurate and idiomatic expressions.

* understand more than 5000 Chinese characters.

* reach HSK 5-6 level.

* establish good Chinese logic and grammar.

* be able to handle complex written and oral expressions.

* communicate confidently and fluently in Chinese.


    Each class has a set of vocabulary cards suitable for the level of difficulty, also have interesting examples related to vocabulary which are real-life examples to show the correct use of vocabulary in sentences. The course is easy to follow and the video is clear and easy to understand. There are also exercises and course content PDF for review.

    On Udemy you can also learn my following courses,

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* Mastering mandarin Chinese HSK1-HSK2 in 15 hours. Elementary course, each lesson consists of three parts.

1)Mandarin Chinese pronunciation correction, which will help you master the standard pronunciation without accent.

2)Beginner level 300 words you must master, plus 300 interesting example sentences.

3)How to memorize Chinese characters, which will help you understand and master the method of memorizing Chinese characters.


*   Intermediate course, each lesson consists of three parts

1)Intermediate level 900 words you must master, plus 900 interesting example sentences.

2)Chinese grammar, which explains some core Chinese grammar points to help you speak correct Chinese

3)Commonly used spoken words, which helps you master some commonly used popular words and makes your Chinese more acceptable


* 11 classes-How to pronounce mandarin Chinese correctly

* Free lesson of learning Mandarin Chinese(Elementary Level)

* Free lesson of learning Mandarin Chinese(Intermediate Level)


Welcome to your Chinese learning journey! 




Introduction to Advanced courses

Introduction to Advanced courses

Chinese Idioms

A1-1-1 How to use idioms to express superfluous?
A1-1-2 The historical story of this idiom
A1-1-6 Make sentences
A1-1-8 Question
A2-1-3 The historical story of this idiom
A2-1-6 Make sentences
A2-1-8 Question

Joke stories

A1-2-1 The joke story
A1-2-2 The joke story
A1-2-5 Question
A2-2-1 The joke story
A2-2-2 The joke story
A2-2-5 Question

Different Chinese Culture

A1-3-1 the Book of Family Names
A1-3-3 Modern Chinese surnames
A1-3-4 Modern Chinese surnames
A1-3-5 Test
A1-3-6 Question
A2-3-1 Be a guest in China
A2-3-3 Be a guest in China
A2-3-4 Be a guest in China
A2-3-5 Be a guest in China
A2-3-6 Be a guest in China
A2-3-9 Question

Chinese landscape

Chinese landscape


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