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Learn to Make your Dashboards Eyecatching and Dynamic through cool and creative Infographics.

What you will learn

Creating Amazing Eye Catching Infographics.

How to Use Data Visualization Hacks to Give a new Look and Feel to Your Professional Dashboards.

Give 3D Effects and Dynamic View to your Otherwise Boring Excel Graphics.


Did you know you could create amazing Professional Looking Infographics using Microsoft Excel?  Are you Excited to explore the power of Microsoft Excel to create beautiful Visual and dynamic Infographics to make your Dashboards look smarter and be appreciated for your data Visualization Skills?   If yes, then you’re in the right place – and I am happy to have you here!

If you are in, then we’re excited to announce a FAST-PACED, HIGH-VALUE COURSE that’ll help you accomplish these goals!


What are Infographics?

Infographics are graphic visual representations of Information, data or Knowledge  to present information quickly and clearly.

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Why should you create them?

  • To Grab Your Target Audience’s Attention

People are naturally drawn towards graphical elements which includes facts, stats, data and figures. Now, combine graphical elements with motion elements and you have a product which is compelling enough to grab eyeballs from the right audience.

  • Trend and Pattern Analysis

Improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.

  • To Position Yourself As An Expert

Animated infographics make use of charts, graphs, and other relevant information. This signifies the amount of research and efforts the creator poured in to produce content that is useful and visually appealing. This will not only get the eyeballs rolling with your Presentation Style but will get you the appreciation of your audience establishing you as an Expert.




Download the Resources for the Lectures

Infographics for Dynamic Dashboards

RAG Chart
Forecast Vs Actual
Employee Performance Chart
Microcharting with Line
Microcharting with Columns
Hit Vs Miss Chart
Target Vs Actuals Chart
Butterfly Chart
Variance Chart
Sales Funnel Chart
3D Doughnut Chart
Diamond Chart
Hour Glass Chart
Spotlight Chart
Slider Chart 1