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Learn the data visualization skills you need to design any dashboard in Excel exactly the way you want.

What you will learn

Learn the Basics of Creating a Professional Dashboard and Reports from Scratch

The Essentials of Creating a Good Dashboard.

All the Nuts and Bolts and finally their Integration to create final Reports and Dashboards.

Take your Excel skills to a whole new level by learning how to build dynamic Excel dashboards to show off your data in a more meaningful way.

Learn the art of data visualization to represent cumbersome data in graphical format for decision making.


This course is for all Excel users who wish to learn how to create powerful interactive dashboards right from the Basics to putting everything together. This course will teach you to turn your Excel data into powerful tables, graphs, visuals and dashboards.


• Learn from Practical Video tutorials and ample of downloadable resources.

• Understand the goals of data visualization and dashboard building.

• Learn the basics of  conditional formatting and the key aspects of it for dashboard building.

• Review the Excel logic functions like IF, AND, OR and using them in your dashboards,

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• Start by building bar charts, column charts, pie charts and line charts to display your data.

• Learn  more complex charts like scatter plots, combination charts for data visualization and decision making.

• Make  your dashboards more interactive  with the MATCH () and INDEX () functions.

• Leverage pivot tables within your dashboard to add even more interactivity.

• All in all learn the art of dashboard creation right from scratch to show off your large cumbersome data in a more meaningful form.

So What are you waiting for ? Jump right into the course and Take your Excel Skills to a whole new level.





The Art of Formatting Data

Conditional Formatting – Highlighting Cells
Conditional Formatting – Data Bars
Conditional Formatting – Icon Sets
Conditional Formatting – Colour Scales
Using Logical Functions
Conditional Formatting Using Logical Functions

Basic Charting for Dashboards

Bar and Column Chart
Line and Markers
Pie Charts
Area Chart
Sunburst and Tree Map Charts (MS Excel 2016)
Combo Charts
Bullet Charts
Waterfall Charts (MS Excel 2016)

The Art of Using Pivot Tables

Introduction to Pivot Tables
Formatting using Conditional Formatting
Filters and Using Slicers
Pivot Charts

Making Dashboards Dynamic

Using MATCH and INDEX Function
Using Data Validation


Things to Know Before we Begin
Project 1: Dropdown Chart
Project – Putting Everything Together Part 1
Project- Putting Everything Together Part 2