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What you will learn


Learn everything you need to know about Cryptocurrency and go from Beginner to Advanced


Identify Cryptocurrencies with great potential, make huge gains and stick with it for the long-term


Learn about Blockchain


Consistently grow your fund with my profit taking strategy


Intraday Crypto Trading


Swing Trading


Cryptocurrency investing and trading has taken the world by storm in recent months. With unprecedented volatility and movements, The underlying Blockchain Technology has proven use-cases, but still cryptocurrency is an asset class to invest and trade in. In this course you will be taught to upskill yourselves with these newly invented concepts and techniques both from a career perspective and investing perspective. In this course, we shall discuss technical and fundamental aspects of Crypto trading and investing.

Cryptocurrency is well known to everyone still most of the poeple haven’t understood it properly. Once the people will start to understand it, they will be able to start experiencing the benefits which these cryptos can do for them and the world. And if you are able to identify the right crypto to invest in or the best cryptocurrency to invest in, then your small investment can turn into thousands and even millions.

I know many people have missed the opportunity of investing in stocks of Facebook, Apple, Netflix, and even amazon. But opportunity is not over. Just the thing is you have to identify the opportunity and take action before the others do.

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Every year millions of people are joining the crypto revolution. And every day thousands of businesses have started accepting cryptos. This is the time to learn the best skill of your life, which will help you to grow your portfolio and investment.





Welcome Note

Welcome Note





Support and Resistance

Support and Resistance based Trading Strategy

Breakout and Breakdown Strategy

Breakout and Breakdown Strategy

Expansion & Contraction Strategy

Expansion & Contraction Strategy based on momentum


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