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What you will learn

How to use Rhino and its elements

The principles of modelling in Rhino

Drawing with coordinates and lines in Rhino

Drawing with surfaces and solids in Rhino

Transfiguring and modifying your model

Useful add-ons to Rhino


Learn 3D Modelling with Rhino!

Design like a pro!

Have you ever wanted to create 3D models? In the era of digitization, that’s exactly what’s needed. Maybe you want to convert a sketchy product idea into a detailed fascinating model, or perhaps you want to create and customize your own virtual 3D world. Whether you’re an engineer, designer or just an enthusiast, you have the opportunity to turn your imagination into something concrete through 3D modelling- and we’re here to teach you how.

In this course, you’re going to learn everything about 3D modelling in Rhino 6, from drawing a basic line to producing the most complex object that you can ever imagine. You’ll even learn how to edit an already made model based on your specifications and needs. You will also learn how to animate in order to bring your models to life. The only limit will be your imagination!

Our instructors have years of experience not only in 3D design, but also in teaching, and the expertly crafted syllabus is designed to be easy to follow and thorough. We’ve even included plenty of examples designed and modelled on-screen for you to study. That’s why this is the only Rhino course you’ll ever need to create awesome 3D art and design like a pro!

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Start designing today!




What is Rhino?

Display modes and Setting

Viewports and Views


Navigation of the Model
Navigation of Objects in Model

Toolbars and Basic Tools

Lines and Curves
Exercise: Jacky the Lady
Meshes from Surfaces
Exercise: The Art Gallery
Exercise: True or False
Exercise: Art Gallery in Egypt
Status Bar

Drawing with Coordinates

Exercise: The Arrow

Drawing with Lines

Rotation,Trim and Scale
Join, Extend, Split and Fillet
Group, Mirror and Offset
Array and Chamfer
Blend and Adjust Points

Drawing with Surfaces and Solids

Loft, Pipe and Patch
Sweep and Revolve
Exercise: The Map

Conversion to Surfaces/ Solids

Extrude into Surfaces
Extrude into Solids



Bring in to Rhino

Insert – Import


Exercise: Ice Cream Car

Drawing with Planes


Deconstructing a Model

Explode and Extract

Transfiguration of a Model

Orient, Twist and Bend
Taper, Stretch and Flow Along

Modifying the Model

Trim, Union, Difference and Intersection
Adjusting a Surface
Cap and Shell
Adjusting Solids
Cage Edit
Control Points

Collecting and Organizing Objects

Block and Hatch

Drawing with Meshes

Adjusting a Mesh Pt. 1
Adjusting a Mesh Pt. 2

Conversion from 3D to 2D

Clipping Plane
Make 2D

Post Construction Model Presentation

Material, Texture and Enviroment

Ready to be used

Layout and Print


Intro to Grasshoper


Exercise: Adjusting the Interior of an Apartment
Exercise: Construction of a Building