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Basic Computer Course / IT Support / Computer Fundamentals / Desktop Support / Basic Computer Skills

What you will learn

You will learn the basics of computer hardware and jargon

You will learn how to work with files, folders, icons and applications

You will learn the basics of surfing the web

You will learn the basics of using a Microsoft Windows PC

Computer Types Nowdays

Advantages of Computer

Complete Windows 10 Trainings – You Will Become Windows Master

The Art of Buying A Computer (In This Way You Learn Complete Basic Concepts of Computer)

Computer Fundamentals


Basic Computer Course / IT Support / Computer Fundamentals / Desktop Support / Basic Computer Skills

Using a Computer to Its Full Potential: A Comprehensive Introduction to Computers The following are some of the skills you’ll need: – Desktop support; IT support; computer fundamentals; and basic computer skills.

Understand each and every topic of computer science and become an expert in its application. Because we all have computers or are computer students, I am concentrating my efforts in this course on assisting you in understanding every vital concept you will encounter for the first time because Computer Basic is the most important concept you will encounter.

In this introductory computer course, students learn the fundamentals of computers. We will go into further detail on input, output, the CPU, memory, and storage devices. These notions can assist you in feeling more comfortable while using a computer. Here’s how it works: Furthermore, these themes will improve your imagination and help you become more self-sufficient in your search for the proper item.

I utilized a method to illustrate the art of purchasing a computer so that you might comprehend the benefits of five different computer components. It will be simpler for you to understand the purpose of each component and to get a better computer the next time around. Let’s try for a fast victory to start things off.

You’ve made the decision to purchase a computer today. Probably the most important question you should ask yourself is, “What do you want to accomplish with a computer? What are your objectives?”

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Another difficulty that most people have is with Windows, Windows Troubleshooting, and Windows Maintenance. I have scheduled time for them to assist you in becoming proficient in software. Because it is System software, let’s make excellent use of it. We will learn all there is to know about Windows 10. (From login screen to Windows installation)

You will be able to do the following if you do the Complete Basic Computer Course: Master Using Computer:

  • Components of a Computer Should Be Recognized
  • Learn about the many computer types that exist today.
  • Purchase the Most Perfect Computers – Computer Purchasing Guidelines
  • Learn about the Desktop Components and how they work.
  • Recognize the pros and disadvantages of having everything in one place.
  • Understand the Concepts of a Laptop
  • Learn Everything About Windows 10
  • Learn how to install Windows 10 on your computer.
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting for the Windows 10 operating system
  • Virus on the computer

Join us right now to start having new experiences!

This Computer Fundamentals course is suitable for anybody interested in learning more about the following topics: Computer fundamentals – introductory computer training – computer science – IT assistance – computer networking Beginners’ computer education – basic computer abilities – computer fundamentals – the comprehensive introduction to computer fundamentals for beginners Aside from that, this course will be an excellent complement for anybody attempting to expand their knowledge in the following areas: Computer Skills – Computer Repair – Windows 10 – Computer Repair



Introduction to Computer Basics
Hardware Resources
Introduction to Operating System
Introduction to Linux
Disks in Computer Basics
Disk I/O
Disk Schedualing
Files system in Computer Basics
CPU for Computer Basics
CPU Features
Kernel Architectures for Computer Basics
Kernel Architectures
Linux Basics for Computer Basics
Linux Basics – Part 1
Linux Basics – Part 2
Interrupts, I/0, Controller and Handling for Computer Basics
Interrupts and I/O
Interrupt Controllers
Interrupt Handling
Memory for Computer Basics
Memory Resources
Dynamic Memory Allocation
Kernel Memory Allocation
Paging for Computer Basics
Page Tables
Virtual Memories for Computer Basics
Memory Protection
Virtual Memory Part 1
Virtual Memory Part 2
Page Replacement for Computer Basics
Page Replacement for Computer Basics
Processes for Computer Basics
Processes Part 1
Processes Part 2
Processes Management