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In 30 minutes! Practical development for prototypes.

What you will learn

NodeJS App Basics


Deploy to Digital Ocean Cloud


JavaScript Testing

Postgres Basics

IoT Data

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Data Aggregation


The best way to learn is by doing, so get up and running quickly! This course is aimed for beginners with a mission. With various technologies such as Git, Github, NodeJS, Docker, and Digital Ocean’s Cloud, we skip some of the mundane coding basics and dive into building a practical application. In this course I will show you how to build a small RESTful API with Node.js and deploy to the cloud within 30 minutes (excluding intro, some setup, and optional videos!). We will be collecting JSON data from IoT ‘devices’ and storing said data in a cloud hosted relational database called Postgres.

Some technologies used:

  • Docker
  • Digital Ocean
  • Git & GitHub
  • Node.js and NPM
  • VSCode
  • PostgreSQL
  • cURL

With the application will come some security and testing best practices that you’ll be able to extend for more production-ready applications. After the getting started video, you will have a modern programming environment set up that will allow you to continue learning and building applications. There will be a bonus video where we explore extending our Docker setup to be able to deploy our application to any cloud provider, not just Digital Ocean.

Note that we will simulate sending IoT data by just posting random values to our cloud-hosted application.

Note that I’ll primarily be developing on a Mac, but will provide hints on installing needed software for Windows.





Getting Started – Tools and Accounts

Installing Docker
Install Git
Installing Node.js
Installing VSCode
Create a GitHub account
Create Digital Ocean Account

Project Setup

Setup Node App
API Design Presentation

API Design & Building

Create a Basic REST Server
Add and query data from our API
Setup Docker
Connecting to our Database
Database Model – Save and Query Database

Deploying our App

Push Code to GitHub
Connect GitHub and DigitalOcean
Deploy and Confirm

Additional Content – Security and Testing

Rate Limiting
Rate Limit Verification
Query Params – API Key and Pagination
HMAC Crypto Header
Jest Setup
Basic API Test
API Tests Part Two
Push all code & setup GitHub Actions

Additional Content – Deploy to Google Cloud

Part 1
Also update Docker!
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
cURL Command