Create a mobile and SEO optimised website set up for payment with bookings in just 60 minutes using Wix

What you will learn

How to create a services business website in just 60 minutes with mobile optimisation and SEO


Within just one hour you can get your business online! This course will show you how to take bookings and payments, display your team members, detail your services and integrate contact functionality. Your site will look and work like a dream, follow this simple and easy step by step guide which takes you through each and every step including how to integrate your SEO keywords and optimise the site for mobile screens. You will learn how to embed Wix bookings, set-up services for payment and create an engaging About page to show off your team and business background.

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Getting started: Inspiration & Guidance

Plan your website: Starting from scratch – Wireframe
Plan your website: Selecting a Template
Fonts colour scheme and building your header

Homepage Design

Full Width Menu Using Wix Lighbtoxes
Homepage: Create header banner
Homepage: Services Section
Homepage: About Section
Homepage: Site Footer with Contact Form

Site Pages

Building your About page
Create your Services Page + Bookings with scheduling & payment
The 1 Minute Contact Page Hack!
Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and other text only page creation
Finishing touches: Mobile and SEO optimisation