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What you will learn

How to perform during oral presentations, whether they are online or face to face

Overcome your anxiety during presentations

Improve your presentation skills

Improve your public speaking skills


Hello and welcome to this online course about how to prepare and present your license exam. This course is an intensive one and is aimed at developing those skills that are useful and necessary for achieving successful presentations and talking in public with ease and impact.

In the next couple of hours, we will go through the right steps so that you perform in your oral presentations, whether they are online or face to face.

My name is Sebastian Vaida and I am a psychologist, professor and trainer with an experience of more than 20 years in the field of life and social skills development. Over the course of those years, I have worked with teens and teenagers, students and employees from national and international companies for their personal and professional development. In those training sessions, I covered several areas such as team work, communication, emotional intelligence and other abilities from the soft skills category. Also, I watched thousands of presentations, in various contexts, ranging from license exams, master’s degrees or PhD, to public speaking situations. And in those situations, I listened to both impeccable presentations as well as failed ones.

The reasons for those who are able to make a memorable presentation have to do with having the right presentation skills, public speaking and emotions control.

At the end of this course, if you go carefully through it and apply the recommended exercises, you will certainly know how to make an impactful presentation on your chosen theme for your license exam or any other exam, how to control your emotions before, during and after finishing the presentation and, last but not least, how to speak in public, calm and relaxed, on any stage, be it real or virtual. Therefore, choose to invest in your personal and professional development and grow those life skills that will allow you to speak relaxed and make memorable presentations. See you within the course.

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Memorable presentations
How to successfully present
Overcoming performance anxiety

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills
How a presentation should look
Keep things simple
Less is more
Presentation Rules
Quality Materials
Graphs and Charts
The right fonts
Practice, practice, practice

Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking skills
Emotions Control
Develop new abilities
Rational analysis
Double standards
Catastrophizing scale
Devil’s Attorney
Emotional and Imagery Techniques
Behavioral Techniques


Challenges 1 to 5
Challenges 6 to 10
Challenges 11 to 15


Verbal communication
Non verbal communication
Para verbal communication

Final recommendations

Final recommendations

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